Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Digital Internet of Things (IoT)

The definition. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, buildings and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and networks, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. My LinkedIn profile is part of my network of (IoT), its an other item which is embedded with networks to exchange information with other connections using devices (Laptop and smartphone) and websites.

It starts with my LinkedIn profile page. These profiles collect useful data with the help of various existing technologies and then autonomously flow the data between other websites and devices. LinkedIn’s biggest device is an open source technology called Kafka that was originally developed to pass messages between the pieces of LinkedIn’s large web application.

That’s what your profile is meant to be used for, to pass your messages between the pieces (SlidShare, Lynda, Rapportive, and others) of LinkedIn’s web applications. On your profile page is your contact information that only your first degree connections can view.

This is the hub for your LinkedIn profile (IoT) Internet of Things. All of this contact information is on your profile and most people on LinkedIn do not use it or even know that it exists. It starts with your phone number and email address. Experienced users will know that you can add blogs, company websites, personal websites, RSS Feed, portfolio, and others. There are three basic websites that LinkedIn lets you add plus Twitter.

Other ways to add to your (IoT) Internet of Things would be to add your company to the LinkedIn platform. Then you can place your website address such as directly underneath my current experience section position. When you place it there it becomes a hyperlink so when someone hovers over the link and clicks on it, it takes the reader of your LinkedIn profile directly to your company page on LinkedIn.

We are getting warmed up now. If you have other websites you use for your company you can add those ass well. Lets say you have a YouTube Channel that you would like to share with your connections. Go to your YouTube Channel and click on the URL link and copy it. Then go to your LinkedIn profile and “edit” it. At the top right corner of every section of your profile is sqaure with a (+) plus sign on it. Click on it.

This is what it looks like. Next screen will be a drop down and you will have two choices add a URL, which your are going to add, or it will ask you to find a file. Paste the URL you copied from your YouTube channel into the box the say http:// and LinkedIn will auto generate a title and description for you, which you should edit to make it SEO friendly.

Once that is done there will be a box with your media from Youtube which when you click on the image will take you directly to your YouTube channel.

One of the mainstays of your profile is your Twitter account which is separate from your websites. With a Twitter account added to your LinkedIn profile you can leverage two different digital media platforms simultaneously. When you post an update on your LinledIn profile you can share that update on Twitter at the same time provided your audiences are the same.

The next part of your (IoT) Internet of Things you can add to your LinkedIn profile is Slidshare. SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn and is actually part of your profile listed under “Interests”. You can have a separate SlidShare account but if you don’t you can add it through your LinkedIn profile. Some SlideShare stats you may want to know about: 70 million lusers, 159 million page views and 41% of B2B marketers use it to share content.

You can add four types of media to SlideShare, images, presentations, papers, and video. This is an opportunity to showcase what you are all about. Adding visual media to yur LinkedIn page will separate you from others in you industry. It will help you stand out and make you the subject matter esxpert in your field.

There are other sites you can add to your (IoT) Internet of Things on LinkedIn and one of them is an page. What you can do is set up your profile on open the profile page so it generates a URL, then copy the URL go to edit your LinkedIn profile andd place it in the section of your profile that you feel it is the most appropriate. I put mine at the bottom of my LinkedIn Summary section since it is about me. The only thing you have to is have to do is click on the image and it will take the viewer directly to that web site.

If you are a blogger you can add your blog to one of the three websites LinkedIn lets you use. If you use WordPress you can share your blog on the LinkedIn platform every time you post. There are other sites you can add it’s just up to your imagination, have fun with your additions.

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