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Did you know there are extra features on the LinkedIn mobile app? Here are Three Extra LinkedIn features on Mobile ONLY!

Sync contacts and calendar. Sync Contacts and Calendar are two main differences on the Account screen for LinkedIn mobile.
By syncing your contacts LinkedIn automatically finds people you know.

Calendar sync for meeting intelligence. LinkedIn will continuously sync your phones calendar so that you will be able to:

Help you and others connect.
By syncing your calendar you get insights about people you are meeting with before the meeting starts.
Get reminders of new people you’ve met so you can follow up. Topics for contacting.

LinkedIn makes it easy to select reasons for others to reach out to you

Its great if you are a business consultant, a freelancer or if you just want to sit down with a connection and discuss the latest victory of the Cubs.

The third area is Improving your profile. LinkedIn will search and browse the internet for articles mentioning your name. Then they will ask you if you want to add it to your LinkedIn profile. It maybe an article on a website that you wrote or maybe a mention of you from an on-line news source.

Sounds and vibrations is a bonus. It is when LinkedIn manages sounds and vibrations from push notifications such as the LinkedIn Blog or its Marketing Solutions unit or it LinkedIn Sales Blog.

As on LinkedIn desktop “Visibility is Opportunity” on mobile as well.

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Here is my call to action. If you would like continuing information about LinkedIn I’m always happy to connect with people who PERSONALIZE their connection request. My email address is BruceBix49@gmail.com. If you find this information valuable please pass this on to others who need help with LinkedIn.

You’re also welcome to check my website, my blog, and my YouTube Channel.

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Interview About LinkedIn For Official Blog with Stathis Kassios

Interview with Bruce Bixler
Please introduce yourself to the readers of this blog and update us on your latest business endeavors

Hi Stathis, My name is Bruce Bixler, seven years ago I lost my job. Everyone told me to get on LinkedIn. I got on LinkedIn and nothing happened. Went to several LinkedIn workshops and the only thing the speakers told us was how to set up a profile. I wanted to know HOW to use it.

So I started doing my own presentations to show others how to use LinkedIn. I did land a job but kept on learning everything I could about LinkedIn. I started to get paid for my presentations and workshop. Now that I’m at retirement age I want to transition into doing LinkedIn full time and quit my regular retail job.

Why have you focused specifically on Linkedin compared to other social media platforms available?

I focused on LinkedIn because it was the most professional digital platform and it intrigued me the most. LinkedIn does not broadcast all it’s changes so you have to either find it and learn about it from others.

From your experience, do companies leverage the intelligence obtained through Linkedin or they don’t rip the benefits yet? This relates to the digital age which should be embraced by modern corporations in order to survive.

Large companies know how to use LinkedIn but the 80 – 90 percent of small to mid sized companies don’t know, don’t know all the tools, don’t have someone knowledgeable, or don’t have the time to reap the benefits of LinkedIn.

Your forecast on social media in the future. How they will evolve?

A peek into the future of digital will be companies will need to embrace visual or video like Tumblr, Meerkat, Periscope, or Snapchat and other future digital platforms. Businesses can no longer avoid social, digital, or visual media and keep up.

Please close this interview the way you see fit.

Two things people have to know: LinkedIn is not a place for your resume it is NOW your digital reputation and it’s not a matter of which social or digital media you use, it is how WELL you use the media.

Find Bruce Bixler in the following links:
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/brucebixler49
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/BruceBix49
Twitter https://twitter.com/BruceBixler49
website http://www.hobknobery.com/
blog https://brucebix49.wordpress.com/

Are you using the promotions tab in LinkedIn groups for networking?

In a lot of the groups I am in I see discussions regarding new people joining the group or are new to the Chicago area and they are looking for networking events. They are looking for opportunities to network with business people, others in their profession, and some are job seekers looking to connect with target people and companies.

In all groups there are five tabs at the top of the group page.

They Are: 1) Discussions 2) Promotions 3) Job 4) members 5) Search

Most people in the groups are aware of the discussions and members tabs and some may even have used the job and search tab (you can now advance search groups but that’s another post) But few people if any look at the promotions tab. Most group member must think it’s just advertising for businesses.

WRONG!! I looked at this groups promotions tab, yes, I did find advertisers, but I also found many networking groups, meetups, open houses, workshops, presentations, and speaking engagements.

The networking events were at churches, small businesses, large businesses, Toastmasters, government functions, men’s clubs, women’s clubs, and just plain old regular networking groups. If you are networking for business or networking for a new job start using the promotions tab, you’ll be surprised at what you find there.

So don’t be afraid to check the promotions tab in all the groups you are in or join. As a matter of fact if you are new to the area you may want to join several LinkedIn groups to give yourself a little variety in your networking. Now go out a meet a few new people and expand your horizons and business.

I’m always happy to connect on LinkedIn with people who read my blog. My email address is BruceBix49@gmail.com. If you find this information valuable please pass this on to others who need help.

I write practically perfect LinkedIn profiles and exemplary executive resumes. Contact me at 224-221-9700 or Email me at BruceBix49@gmail.com.


3 reasons to use the New LinkedIn “Pulse”!

It used to be called “Today” now LinkedIn has renamed it and incorporated it into the Home page of your profile. It’s the news and insights you need to know. It includes “Your News”, Influencer Posts, All Influencers, All Channels, and All Publishers.

Let’s start with All Influencers, these are professionals from a variety of industries speaking about industry insights and career advice.

Influencers are the specific industry professionals you have chosen or selected to receive news and insights from.

All Channels, you have 35 channels to stay on top of topics and news sources that interest you. These are articles that you have selected from various industries and professions that you would like to read about.

All Publishers are actual news sources for you to stay connected with the latest news and analysis such as the Wall Street Journal, Time, CNBC, and Forbes. There are currently 39 news publishers to choose from.

“Your News”, when you put it all together what you get is “Your News” which is specifically designed and curated by you from the various Influencers, channels, and Publishers.

The first reason to use “Pulse” would be stay informed of the happenings in your industry.

The second reason to use “Pulse” would be to stay top of mind with your connections and network

The third reason to use “Pulse” would be to share the information from your news in your groups and become the go to person in your industry.

So spend some time choosing your news, your Influencers, your channels and your publishers so you ARE the Subject Matter Expert (SME) that everyone want to connect with.

I’m always happy to connect on LinkedIn with people who read my blog. My email address is BruceBix49@gmail.com. If you find this info valuable please pass this on to others who need help.

I write practically perfect LinkedIn profiles and exemplary executive resumes. Contact me at 224-221-9700 or Email me at BruceBix49@gmail.com.


Have you been updated to the new LinkedIn’s Contacts? Part III Final.

So here is the final chapter for Contacts, or LinkedIn’s version of


The first part is the set up tagging and companies. Staying in touch, job changes, and birthdays.

Part two is titles, locations, sources, merges, and hidden.

Part three is recent conversations with your connections, sync emails, and create a new contact.

Capture Contacts page

Part three will show you your most recent contact with your connections. By clicking on the profile it will create a

pop up so you can tag that profile, message the connection, hide the connection and conversation, or even remove

the connection.

So if you want to stay in touch or remain top of mind with your connections LinkedIn now lets you do so.

Happy connecting!!


Have you been updated to the new LinkedIn’s Contacts? Part II linkedin-logo2

Here are some other features about the new LinkedIn contacts.

On the left hand side of the page the list continues with titles

This is a list of your connections by their title: Ceo, owner,

consultant, President, account executive and so on. So if you need

to search for a consultant it will bring up a list of all your

connections that are consultants.

The next item on the list is locations which shows on a map where all of your LinkedIn connections are located world

wide. Click on the location and it will bring up a list of contacts, select one of your contacts and their profile

will pop up and you can send them a message.

The next item on your list will be sources, once you click on sources you will see where your LinkedIn connections

came from. Whether it was from Gmail, Outlook, Google, or your contacts list.

next will be potential merges. What this is, is a list of All the people with the same names from your contact list

Gmail or Outlook account, LinkedIn, that may be duplicates that you would want to merge into one profile.

And, finally, the last item is “hidden”. This is a list of peopleCapture Contacts new list

you are connected to via emails but not connected

to on LinkedIn. One email from the list would be “donotreply”

or maybe someone you know that is a family member or someone

that is not on LinkedIn.

part II new features, to be continued….


Do You Use “People You May know” and “How You’re Connected” on LinkedIn?linkedin-logo

On the top right of your profile page LinkedIn shows you 4 photos

of people you are second degree connections of. It will feature one

person and tell you what industry they are in and how many connections’

you have in common.

So the first thing to do is click on one of the connections photos

which will take you to their profile page. Scroll down the page on

the right hand side until you reach the “How You’re Connected”

section. It will show your photo and up to three intermediary

connections. If you scroll over their profile pictures it will

highlight their profiles, these are first dergree connections of

yours and also fist degree connections in common of the person you want to

connect with.

If you scroll down farther LinkedIn will tell you how many connections in total you have in common and a link that

says “Get Introduced”. Click on link and it will show you the entire lists of connections according to connection

strength or quantity of connections. You choose who you want to introduce you to this new connection.

Craft your message like a pro:

1. State your intent
Be clear about why you’re asking for an introduction.
2. Give an out
Be professional and give a way to say no.

Then you send to your first degree connection the request and then they in turn forwards it to the person you want to

connect with. Hopefully the second degree person you want to connect with will approve your connecting.

GOOD LUCK connecting!


Are You Using LinkedIn’s “LinkedIn Today” News features?

On your LinkedIn home page is a link to “LinkedIn Today.”

Your first step to find out all about this feature is to hover

your mouse over the words “LinkedIn Today” and click on the link.

This will open up the “LinkedIn Today” home page which has the news of the day recommended to you by LinkedIn. But what

if you don’t like the news feed about food, social media, or fashion. What other options do you have. Well, if you

search the page you will notice in the top right corner three icons. The icons are two page outlines and a gear which

enables you to customize your news feed.

Click on the gear and you will be redirected to a second page which will allow you to customize your news feed by

selecting from 41 different industries. The industries range from accounting to venture capitol. You can choose

whichever and how many industries you want to follow. All of them if you want. But if you want to target what your

connections would be interested in or focus on your expertise its best to select three or four for the best results.

The next step is to scroll down the page to “Follow Sources” and click on the expand button. This opens up a whole

new world of news feeds directly form the sources. From “A” ABC News to “Z” for ZILLOW in real estate. Four hundred

eighty nine sources to choose from. Pick as many as you want you can always add more later.

The final step is to scroll to the bottom of the page and select your email settings. The Three options are: daily,

weekly, or no emails. No emails means you have to check in to your LinkedIn account daily to check up on the news.

If you log in daily anyway, it’s a no brainer. So pick your industry, pick your news source and pick how often

you want the news.


Have You Added SlideShare to Your LinkedIn Profile? With SlideShare you

can add ant power point presentation that you have done. You can add all

or as many power points that you would like to your profile.

SlideShare also allows you to add videos that you have made to the

application. Either videos you did or videos that you find that are

of interest to you or your connections.

But, I think the best part of adding SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile is that you have access to all of your

connections power points and any videos that they have made. If you are connected to a lot of people can you imagine

the volume of information that you have, and all you have to do is click on the link.

Then you have the choices to view your own, view your connections, explore, or upload another ppt.

So have fun viewing, and who knows you may make a new connection or learn something new.