What are these LinkedIn Features You didn’t Know About?

LinkedIn labs has many features that most LinkedIn users

are totally unaware of. The only way to these features is

through Google or go to http://www.linkedinlabs.com LinkedIn labs

are features that are designed by people at LinkedIn. Most

are still in BETA format others are accessible either directly

through a search engine.

Some of the best features are Resume Builder which converts your LinkedIn profile into a Resume. There are 12

different styles of resume to choose from. LinkedIn Swarm is great for finding keywords, searched companies recent

jobs posted, and most job search titles by individuals.

Other features in LinkedInlabs are Newin, people joining LinkedIn In real time with the help of Google Earth. Another

feature is Instant Search which is a shortcut version of advanced search. Signal is also a feature that began in Beta

mode and now is a permanent feature of LinkedIn.

There are thirteen features to take advantaage of, view them all at LinkedInLabs.