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How to Change LinkedIn Recommendations to Correct Job Title.

One question I am asked repeatedly is “How do I move a recommendations from one job title to the correct job title”. This is a two-step process.

Step 1. Remove the position that the recommendation is assigned to, and then go back into your profile add the position back to your profile.

A) The first thing to do is move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and then select Edit Profile.
B) Next scroll to the Experience section on your profile and click the Edit (icon) next to the experience where the recommendation is listed.
C) Copy the text in the Description box and paste it into a WORD document to be used later.
D) Click the “Remove this position link” which is at the very bottom next to save and cancel.

E) Next click “Yes”, remove.
F) Click the +Add a Position link within your Experience section.
G) Then Copy and paste the job description (saved earlier in the WORD document) into the Description field.
H) Complete the fields for the position and click Save.

Step 2: Assign the recommendation to the correct position.

I) Again, move your cursor over your profile photo in the top right of your homepage and select Privacy & Settings.
J) In the Profile section, click Manage your recommendations which is at the bottom right hand side.

K) Then find the “Unassigned Recommendations Section”. This section is only visible if you have unassigned recommendations.
L) Click the Show recommendations link.
M) Find the unassigned recommendation, click Choose, and then select the position you want it for..
N) Check the box next to “Show this recommendation in my profile”.
O) Finally, Click Save Changes.

You are now done and the recommendations now shows up under the correct position on your LinkedIn profile.

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How Do You Add An Email Address To A LinkedIn Profile?

I am asked this question all the time. It is probably the second most asked question about LinkedIn.
You can start from the home page or the profile page and go to the tool bar at the top right of your page.

Hover your mouse over your picture and a drop down will appear for “Account & Settings”. Scroll down to privacy and settings and select “review”.

You complete settings page will appear. In the top left corner of the page you will see Primary email
“change/add”. Click on the blue “Change/Add” link”. A box will appear that will say “add or Change emailaddress”

LinkedIn recommends you add at least one personal address and one work address. After adding the new address, go to that account and click the link in the confirmation email.


Click “Make primary” next to the address you want to use for LinkedIn emails. Addresses must be confirmed before they can become primary.

You can have several email addresses associated with your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn will ask you to confirm your password. Click the link in the confirmation email. Then you are done.

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