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Have you given anyone a LinkedIn Recommendation lately? I’m not talking about an

endorsement, I’m talking about a full fledged recommendation, you know the kind where

you actually have to put some thought into it.

Has there been anyone in the last month that has gone out of their way to help you. Where they have gone above and

beyond your expectations. Maybe someone you worked with on a project, maybe someone did you a favor, or someone that

always helps you out and you don’t even have to ask them.

Sometimes it’s nice to do that person a favor. Let the world and your connections know how they help and why they

stand out. They never ask for recognition, but they are always there giving. I know there are two or three people I

should and I will give those recommendations to.

How many people do you know that are worthy of a recommendation? Don’t JUST endorse them, tell them how much you

appreciate their work.

Have you personalized your LinkedIn public profile URL? When you set up a profile on LinkedIn you are issued a generic URL with your name a series of numbers and characters after it. What you need to do is edit the URL to read just your name or as close as possible to your name and an initial as possible. When people search for you on LinkedIn or Google they will not search for the long tailed name and numbers. So edit your URL so hiring managers can find you!! To be cont….

Are you using the TOP TEN most over used buzzwords on your LinkedIn profile? I know you are supposed to use keywords, but don’t use these IF you want to STAND OUT!! Everyone else is using these BORING words, so try a thesaurus. Here they are in no particular order.

1) Innovative – isn’t everyone
2) Motivated – aren’t we all
3) Dynamic – yes we are
4) Extensive experience – how extensive
5) Fast-paced – isn’t everything nowadays
6) Proven Track Record – prove it
7) Entrepreneurial – we all were at one time
8) Problem Solver – don’t we all
9) Team player – we’re all on a team
10) Results oriented – we wish

So see if you can come up with something exciting for replacement.
To be cont….

Have you tried LinkedIn Labs resume builder? Access the LinkedIn resume builder on Google at LinkedIn: meet the resume. Sign in with your LinkedIn log on and then get started. Grant resume builder access to your LinkedIn account. There are twelve resume styles templates to choose from. The great thing about this is it saves time. Resume builder takes your LinkedIn profile and builds the resume for you, no more copy and pasting. To be cont….

Have you checked out Google Earth and LinkedIn? it’s called Newin. This application shows new members joining LinkedIn from around the world. (requires Google Earth). And it shows them in real time as they are joining LinkedIn. Here the the link. Try it you will like it. To be cont….

Google Profiles new Google Buzz is Google’s answer to Twitter, it is a micro-bloging service where you share information in a feed. When you use your Gmail account you can enable BUZZ when you want to share something with your connections. You can do it all in one account. To be cont…..

I was just on a Webinar about how to stand out in the job search. They discussed what employers were looking for. Once the hiring companies found out your name what did they do, but Google your name to see what they can find out about you. So be proactive and set up a Google profile so you can give the hiring company the info you want them to see. To be cont…..

Google Profile #5

I read an article on LinkedIn and they said the first thing a hiring company does is Google the applicants name to see what they can find out about them before the set up an interview. If the hiring company can’t find you on the first couple of pages on Google they may stop the hiring process right there. Make sure you get your own Google profile because it is guaranteed to be on page one of searches for your name. To be cont….

Google Profile

You can add pictures of yourself, pictures of where you live or have vacationed. It is a great self marketing page. Google profile now incorporates Google BUZZ. When it first cam out Buzz was hi jacking the whole Goolge profile website. Now Google has straightened it out so there are separate files ; one for your profile about me one for Buzz and one for contact information. To be cont…..

Use your Google profile to market yourself. If you are in job search the Google profile can be used. to link other social and business media sites. You can use it to link to your LinkedIn profile, or your Twitter profile. You can also use it to link to any videos or video resume on YouTube. Its just one more way for companies or recruites to find you. To be cont….