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Skills on LinkedIn, How to find them in the Alumni Function!

It used to be called Skills and Expertise section on your LinkedIn. Now it is called Skills and Endorsements. Whatever you call it you used to be able to sort through the different skills and select the ones that pertained to you and your industry.


Now that LinkedIn has removed the skills and expertise section from the website, how do you add skills that pertain to you and the position you are looking for. One way that is available on LinkedIn is the alumni section. Alumni section?!

Here is what you do. Start at the toolbar at the top of your page. Scroll over the network section and there is a drop down. Select the “Find Alumni” choice. Click on it. You will now have the choices of not only the college(s) you went to but all colleges listed on LinkedIn profiles. You can use the search box for all colleges.

Select any college or university in the search box. The larger the university the better. Bigger demographics to filter. First select city for search, then select company, and finally profession. (IT, HR, or Marketing). You will then have to “arrow” to the right and there will be a list of skills in desending order of popularity for that position for that company.

Try this with several colleges and universities to see what the skills for this company are prevalent for your position. Add these skills to your LinkedIn profile to help you stand out for these keywords. So if you live in Chicago, want to work at Allstate, and are in Business administration and management these are the skills you should have on your profile.

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LinkedIn Now Allows You to Re-Arrange Your Skills and Expertise!

When you first selected your skill and expertise on LinkedIn you could put them in order of your preference. But once you started collecting endorsements LinkedIn automatically listed them in numerical order for you. You didn’t have a choice and once they started to accumulate you couldn’t strategically place the skills you wanted endorsements for.

That is no longer the case. LinkedIn just recently has allow users to re-arrange the order of their skills and expertise. Now if you want endorsements for certain skills you can now place them at the top of the list hoping your connections will take the hint and endorse you for those skills they see first.

When I do presentations for job seekers one the most often and frequent questions I get is if it is possible people to move their skills around so they can be endorsed for the skills they want to be recruited for. Up until this week the answer was no. Now, today, you can rearrange until your heart is content.

I want to add one thing about the endorsements. I found that your perception of skills and expertise may not be what others see you as. In my case I want to be endorsed for LinkedIn and LinkedIn training, but I have six times the endorsements for social media, social media marketing and social networking.

If your connections endorse you thank them. It gives you an opportunity to stay top of mind and maybe even return the favor. Better yet, pay it forward, and endorse one of your connections you may be paid back in kind. People like being recognized for their work.

I’m always happy to connect on LinkedIn with people who read my blog. My email address is BruceBix49@gmail.com. If you find this information valuable please pass this on to others who need help.

I write practically perfect LinkedIn profiles and exemplary executive resumes. Contact me at 224-221-9700 or Email me at BruceBix49@gmail.com.

How to find Keywords for LinkedIn Skills and Expertise.

Now that LinkedIn has removed the definitions and related skills from the LinkedIn profile what are you supposed to do. One of my connections showed me how to find related keywords using Google.

The first step is to use Google, Google Drive (Formerly Google Docs), and Google Chrome.

Step 1) Using Google go to the Google apps and select Google Drive.

Step 2) On left hand side of the page there is a red box that says create, select “Create”

Step 3) From the drop down select the green excel “spreadsheet”

Step 5) In the top two cells of the spreadsheet type in two keywords
I typed in Marketing and Twitter

Step 6) Highlight both cells and a SQUARE box in the lower right cell will appear.

Step 7) Click on the square box, hold down your mouse and at the same time select the “CONTROL” key

Step 8) Drag the box down 8 or 10 different cells and let go

Voila, you now have a list of additional keywords courtesy of Google!!

Now go ahead and select and add skills & expertise to your LinkedIn profile.

I’m always happy to connect on LinkedIn with people who read my blog. My email address is BruceBix49@gmail.com. If you find this info valuable please pass this on to others who need help.

I write practically perfect LinkedIn profiles and exemplary executive resumes. Contact me at 224-221-9700 or Email me at BruceBix49@gmail.com.

Do You Have the New LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”?

So where is this section? The new version is part way down

on the right side of your Profile page. Who’s Viewed Your Profile

is a link when you hover your mouse over the words Who’s Viewed Your Profile.

The are two number and phrases there. The top number is the number of people who have actually viewed you profile.

They actually clicked on your profile and looked at your profile information. It may say that your profile has been

viewed 12 times over the last three days or your profile has been viewed 6 times in the past day. You want your

profile views to be at least 4-5 times a day. The average LinkedIn profile is viewed only once a day. If you are in

job search you want that number to be much higher.

The other number and phrase under Who’s viewed you profile” is the total number of times your profile has shown up

in keyword searches. It will say You have shown up in search results 19 times in the past 3 days, or you have shown

up in search results 25 times today.

When you hover your mouse and click on the link will take you to the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” homepage.

on the homepage you will be able to view the people that looked at your profile. There will be three different

listings depending upon the privacy settings of the viewer.

A) The first setting You Name and headline (Which LinkedIn recommends)

b) Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title Note: Selecting this option will disable Profile Stats.

c) You will be totally anonymous Note: Selecting this option will disable Profile Stats.

On the home page will be a listing of the profiles that looked at your profile. To the right of the listing

is a graph for the last 90 days of viewers and search results with a total number of views and a total number

How many times you appeared in LinkedIn Search.

The ideal numbers should be 5 – 10 views per day and at least 50 – 75 search results per day. It will all depend on

the keywords as well as the skills and expertise that you have listed on your profile. The views will depend upon

how well you have crafted your LinkedIn headline to attract attention.

Are you Managing your LinkedIn endorsements? Did you know

you CAN manage Your LinkedIn Endorsements? Yes, you now can

hide and unhide your endorsements. If you are in financial

planning you can list your skills and hide your endorsements.

So now when you edit your profile you can scroll down to skills

and expertise and click on the blue edit pencil.

This will give you three options, 1) add or remove a skill,

2) manage your endorsements, and 3) display your endorsements.

Number one, is obvious you can either add a new skill, or remove a skill that doesn’t generate any endorsements.

You can add up to 50 skills and endorsements. When you click on a skill it will give you a definition, profiles of

people on LinkedIn best representing that skill or expertise.

Number two, is managing your endorsements which allows you to show or hide any endorsements you have or you can hide

an individual endorser. But if you don’t want to show a specific skill you can hide all those people that endorsed

you for it. You can un-hide it a later date.

Number three, is display your endorsements which gives you two choices; Yes, show my endorsements or No, do not show

my endorsements. If you choose not to show endorsements the skills will still be visible on your profile but you

won’t have any acknowledgement of those skills or social proof.

And in today’s environment you will need all the social proof to distinguish yourself from others in the market place

Have You Ever Started a Group Discussion on LinkedIn?

When you use the groups feature of LinkedIn you’re posting your

content within a group is broadcast for other group members to see.

The higher your post quality, if you are relevant, and if you are helpful

to the group it will provide you the opportunity to become an authority

in your area of expertise. Authority will not come overnight, so you will

need to be patient and consistent to reach that goal.

To start a discussion go to the discussion tab at the top of the page. Then a discussion box will appear next to your

profile picture. Then begin typing your discussion. The title box will appear in gold and will allow you to write

a headline that includes 200 word limit. Below that is an add more details box which allows you to add several

hundred more characters. Below that box is a paper clip where you can attach a link.

So if you find an informational article in your expertise you can share it with the group. Go to the URL box at the

the top of page and copy the URL. Then go to your groups page and attach the link by clicking on the paper clip,

and paste the URL into the add a link box. That’s it. You have just shared your article and have started demonstrting

your expertise.

If you have a Twitter account you can check the box next to the blue Twitter bird and you can leverage two social

medias at one time.

Did you Know LinkedIn Added More Features to Your Skills & Expertise’s?

First they started out with the skills and expertise section. Then LinkedIn

added the endorsements. But with the endorsements you could show them or you

could hide them. But, if you hid them you could not retrieve them to your

profile at a later date.

Then LinkedIn gave you the ability to manage your endorsements for skills and expertise. You could show them or hide

them, but you could also un-hide them. You then also had the ability to remove the endorsements but still show the

skill on your profile.

Now the new feature LinkedIn added is when your hover your mouse over one of the endorsers photos their

Profile picture, their experience and two new features. The first feature is a little grey camera icon and a number

to the right of the camera. If you hover your mouse and click on the grey camera it will take you to your

connections profile. The second new feature is the number which represents the number of shared connections you

have with your first connection.

So if one of your connections endorses you can click on their endorsement photo and go back to their profile to

return the favor.

Did You Know You Can Manage Your LinkedIn Skills & Expertise?

LinkedIn just opened it up for you to manage show or not to show

all of your skills and expertise. When the skills first came out

if you decided to hide an endorsement you could not un-hide it.

Now that has all changed.

You start by editing your profile/ Scroll down your profile to the skills and expertise section and click on the

little blue pencil. Next you have several choices. First is to hide or un-hide all of your endorsements. The skills

and expertise will still show on your profile but none of the endorsements. Second is you can add or remove any one

of your skills or expertise. Third manage endorsements. By manage endorsements you have the option show or hide one

particular person that endorsed you. You also have the choice to show or hide one particular skill.

I know some companies and certain banking and financial industries are not allowed to receive endorsements from

clients. So this solves that problem. If you find some skills are not gaining any traction with endorsements you can

then remove and add new skills that have more potential from your connections.

Somake sure to add all 50 skills and see what kind of endorsements you receive.

Will You miss the LinkedIn Answers Section?

LinkedIn has decided to eliminate the question and

answers section from everyone’s profile January 31st.

According to LinkedIn: “We’ll be focusing our efforts on

the development of new and more engaging ways to share

and discuss professional topics across LinkedIn. In the

meantime, you can still pose questions and facilitate professional discussions through other popular LinkedIn

channels including LinkedIn Polls, Groups, or status updates.”

Rather disappointing to those that used it. Several people created their expertise using LinkedIn by constantly

answering every question that came their way. Once you answered a question about your subject of expertise, the

person that posed the question would decide among all of the answers who had the best answer to the question.

When you were designated as the one having the best answer LinkedIn would award you a green star for subject


Some people had hundreds and hundreds of designation stars for their specialty. I actually accumulated 10 stars

for an expertise in LinkedIn and 4 stars for expertise in networking. I didn’t know about this designation until

one day someone selected my answer as the best answer to their question. It just magically appeared on my profile.

So now all of those experts will have to demonstrate their expertise in groups, through discussions, and polls, or

whatever solution LinkedIn comes up with to solve everyone’s LinkedIn version of Jeopardy.

Good luck with getting your questions answered from LinkedIn.

Have you added the new skills and expertise section to your LinkedIn Profile? It used to be called just the skills section. Now LinkedIn has updated the section to read “Skills and Expertise”. This new section allows you to add up to 50 skills and expertise to your profile. It is great for adding keywords of certain skills or expertise that recruiters are searching for. If you have been on LinkedIn for a while you probably still have the specialties section on your summary. But, If you are new to LinkedIn they no longer have the specialties section, LinkedIn is replacing it with the updated skills & Expertise. So update your profile with as many skills that relate to your position. To be cont….