Are you tagging your LinkedIn connections?

It is a simple process. When you meet someone atImage

a networking event get their business card.

When you get home, start up the computer and log into LinkedIn.

Search for your new connection on LinkedIn. Send a request to connect. Make sure you personalize the connection request. “It was great talking to you today at the sales and marketing workshop.” It would be great if we were connections. 

Next, when they accept your request to connect this is where you can tag your new connection.

Step one, go to the connections tab at the top of your profile toolbar.

Step two, search the new connection by last name.Image

Step three, click on the connection and their profile info will pop up to the right of your connection list.

Step four, scroll down to the edit tagsImage

and select the tag from the drop down

If there isn’t an appropriate tag select the +

sign and add a tag. You can tag that personImage

with more than one tag. Once you are done tagging

then hit save and you are complete.