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Your LinkedIn Profile: A Movable Fete!

Your LinkedIn profile is a business networking platform and profile marketing tool!! If you don’t like where a section on your profile is, just MOVE it! What, you didn’t know that you can move most sections of your LinkedIn profile? Eighty per cent of the people on LinkedIn have no idea that just about every section on LinkedIn can be rearranged. And even sections within some of the sections they can also be moved.

Let’s start with the main sections of your LinkedIn profile. Yes you can move your summary, skills, experience, volunteer experience, education, organizations, certifications, courses, honors and awards, languages, publications, projects, and additional information. The question is which section do you want where?

To change the order of the sections on your profile page.
Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
Move your cursor over the section you’d like to move, then click and hold the Reorder Section icon in the top right.
Drag the section to a new location.
Release the Reorder Section icon to drop the section into place.

Most people start off with their summary section to give the profile viewer a snapshot of your profile where you tell them who you are, what you do and how you help them. Now the LinkedIn default is to place your experience next. But do not ever use any LinkedIn default setting. So this gives you an opportunity to move this section of your profile.

So why would you want to move sections of your profile? If you are in business this would give you an opening statement to place your summary at the top of your LinkedIn profile. You could follow this up by the experience you have had regarding the experience and accomplishments you need to solve a client’s problems. After the experience you can place the skills section with its endorsements from others for social proof of your success.

If you are in job search you also may start with the SUMMARY SECTION and use that in place of your elevator pitch. Make it an elongated version and tell recruiters what you do, what you have done in past work experience and how you will solve a new companies pain points. But the second section for job search should be your SKILLS SECTION because that is what recruiters and hiring managers are searching for. Make it easy for them to find your skills.

The EXPERIENCE SECTION if you have two or more current positions on LinkedIn can be rearranged.

1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
2. Move your cursor over the position you’d like to rearrange.
3. Click and hold the Up/Down arrow to the right of your position name and drag it into the desired position.

Note: You can’t rearrange the order of past positions. Those will always appear with the most recent position held showing first.
Rearrange current positions

Recommendations, following, groups, companies, and schools and Pulse articles are not movable.

Another area that you can rearrange parts of is the EDUCATION SECTION.

1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
2. Move your cursor over the education entry you’d like to rearrange.
3. Click and hold the Up/Down arrow to the right of your school name and drag it into the desired position.

Note: The first entry listed in the Education section appears in the box at the top of your profile. You can’t display more than one entry in the top box of your profile.

Next you can rearrange your publications.

Rearrange publication entries
1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
2. Move your cursor over the publication you’d like to rearrange.
3. Click and hold the Up/Down arrow to the right of your publication title and drag it into the desired position.

You also can rearrange your whole volunteer section but then you can also rearrange the different volunteer activities within the section.

Finally the other movable section is the skills section.

To reorder the skills on your profile:
1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
2. Scroll down to the Skills & Endorsements section and click anywhere in the box.
3. Move your cursor over the skill you’d like to move, then left click and drag to re-order. You can do this for each skill you’d like to reorder.
Click Save.

And finally you can move your endorsers, LinkedIn will allow users to change the order of which photos show up for a certain skill.

1. Edit your profile then scroll to skills
2. Then select “manage endorsements”
3. Select the skill that you want to reorder
4. Select the endorsers you want featured by un-checking their name
5. Then click save
6. Go back to edit and click (make a check) in the box next to the names you deleted and add them back
7. Click save and the most recent adds will show up

If I have missed any moves let me know and I can edit the article.

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Have you added Websites to Your LinkedIn Profile?

Have you added Websites to Your LinkedIn Profile?

Here is how you do it.

You can display up to 3 website links on your profile, and they can be added from the Edit Profile page. To add a website:

Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
Click Edit Contact Info near the bottom right of the profile overview section. The profile overview section has your photo in it.
Click the “Edit” icon next to Websites.
Choose the type of website from the dropdown list.
Note: If you choose “Other” from the list, you can type in your own website title.

Copy and paste your website address into the URL field.
Click Save.
The websites you add will be displayed in the Contact Info section of your profile.

So now you know how to set them up, why do you want to do it?
1) If you are in business having your company website will generate leads for your business
2) If you are in search it will give you an edge in the recruiting game because ONLY 7% of profiles on LinkedIn have a personal website for recruiters to view.
3) If you are in Social media it will give you an additional voice to share your knowledge

Make sure when you set up your websites to edit each one. By edit I mean to choose “OTHER” instead of LinkedIn’s default setting of company website, personal website, my blog, RSS feed, or portfolio. The reason you want to do this is for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It helps your profile standout among all the other profiles on LinkedIn with a higher ranking with Google search.

Please share this post with others that you believe would benefit from the information.

Thank you for reading.

13 Things You Have To Do Every Week on LinkedIn!


One of the most important social media platforms for business is LinkedIn. So how do you stay top of mind with your connections on LinkedIn?


Here is a list of ideas to make you stand out from the crowd.


1) Share an article in your updates with others on LinkedIn, or in your groups, and even a connection that you think may benefit from reading it.


2) Use the contacts feature under the drop down for your network. Congratulate someone for landing a new job, wish them a Happy Birthday, or send them a note about an article they were mentioned in.


3) Endorse a connection for a skill or expertise. one that you have first-hand knowledge of for the work that they performed.


4) Recommendation, give one recommendation to someone you met this past week that is deserving of acknowledgement.


5) Add a URL or a link to share on your profile


6) Review Group updates from the groups you are in. Check those groups that you receive only weekly updates to stay on top of your industry.


7) Add a comment or a post to one of the groups you are a member of.


8) Invite new connections that you have met networking


9) Add a company to those that you are following, receive news from an additional source.


10) Send a note to 3 connections that you haven’t had contact with in the past 6 months


11) If you own a group, then ask a question or start a poll to get answers for questions that you have about your job or industry.


12) Connection request, review,  either accept or ignore requests to connect from the past week.


13) Advance Search for people that you would like to connect with on LinkedIn.

What are these LinkedIn Features You didn’t Know About?

LinkedIn labs has many features that most LinkedIn users

are totally unaware of. The only way to these features is

through Google or go to http://www.linkedinlabs.com LinkedIn labs

are features that are designed by people at LinkedIn. Most

are still in BETA format others are accessible either directly

through a search engine.

Some of the best features are Resume Builder which converts your LinkedIn profile into a Resume. There are 12

different styles of resume to choose from. LinkedIn Swarm is great for finding keywords, searched companies recent

jobs posted, and most job search titles by individuals.

Other features in LinkedInlabs are Newin, people joining LinkedIn In real time with the help of Google Earth. Another

feature is Instant Search which is a shortcut version of advanced search. Signal is also a feature that began in Beta

mode and now is a permanent feature of LinkedIn.

There are thirteen features to take advantaage of, view them all at LinkedInLabs.

Are you Using LinkedIn’s New Home Page Updates Share Drop Down?

I was doing a Intermediate LinkedIn Presentation at a local library

when it happened. I was going to show the workshop attendees how to

leverage two social medias. I went to my home page to post an update

about LinkedIn’s new profile and I went to SHARE and check the box by

the blue Twitter bird and it wasn’t there.

What popped up was the tool bar at the bottom of the update with a drop down menu. I now had 3 choices to select from

in the drop down.

1) The default setting with a check mark in front of LinkedIn + Twitter (BruceBixler49)

2) The second choice is share the update with everyone on LinkedIn

3) The third choice was to share with just you LinkedIn connections

So now you have your choice to send a message only to your connections. Great idea if you are hosting an event that

you want only your connections to know about. If you want to market your business you now have the choice to let

every on LinkedIn be aware of your products and services. And, your third choice as I was showing the class was

how to leverage two social medias and SHARE the information on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

Happy sharing to whoever you want to connect with!!

How Do You Use the New LinkedIn Profile? Starting on the top of your profile page,

that annoying pop up for endorsements. Click on them or ignore them, or select

only the one(s) that apply. Then is it thank you or reciprocate, or none of the above.capture-li-logo1

That is your choice.

At the bottom of your HEADLINE box is the contact information disguised as a Rolodex card.

Click on the card and all of your contact information appears.

Below the contact card is Activity, which used to be on the side of your profile. Now activity is prominently

displayed above the fold. Make sure your activity is up to date like weekly. You don’t want connections looking at

your profile and your update is a month old. Makes it look like you aren’t keeping up to speed.

So where did all the applications go like WordPress Blog, SlideShare, and Box.net?

First SlideShare:images-slideshare

Any SlideShare content you’ve uploaded using the SlideShare Presentations application will be automatically migrated to the Summary section of your profile once you opt into the newly redesigned LinkedIn profile. If you were a user of this application, you should receive an invitation to opt into the new profile design shortly.

Second WordPress:

If you self-host your WordPress site, you can enable auto posting to LinkedIn through the Jetpack plugin from Automatic.

If your site is on WordPress.com, simply enable the Publicize setting for LinkedIn from your WordPress.com Dashboard.

And Box.net1300_logo1

Displaying and sharing a file from Box in your new LinkedIn profile is easy. In order to display a specific file, all you need to do is paste the file’s direct link in the LinkedIn professional gallery. Simply preview the file as you normally would in Box, select File Options – Share – Get Link to File and then click on Direct Link to generate the URL. Paste it directly in the LinkedIn professional gallery.

Repeat the same steps for other files you’d like to add to your profile. As always, you can customize the sharing and access security settings on Box for the content you add to your LinkedIn profile.

Visit the Box support site for more information and a full list of supported file types.

So have fun with the new profile and all of the new applications!

Have you moved your LinkedIn Profile Sections to where you want them? Most people

don’t know that you can move the different sections of your LinkedIn profile around.

You don’t have to settle for LinkedIn’s default settings. If you feel your

experience is the best part of your profile you can move that section to the

top of your profile.

How, you ask. Well, what you need to do is go to “edit” your profile. Scroll down the page until you come to the

header or section you would like to move. Hover your mouse over the section until you see a four pointed star. Left

click your mouse, hold it down, and drag the section to the area on your profile you would like to place it.

That is step one, now, step two. There are three sections that you can rearrange within the sections of your profile.

1) Current positions – must be at least two positions

2) Your education section – must be at least two schools

3) Your recommendations section – must be at least two recommendations

Same directions as above, hover your mouse over the positions, education, or recommendation until you see a four

pointed star, the position will highlight in light blue, then left click and drag until you are where the position is

needed, then place it.

LinkedIn has made quite a few changes to the profiles, and moving within the positions, education, and

recommendations was one that was added but LinkedIn wants you to discover it, instead of educating everyone about the

new features.

Have fun rearranging.

Have You Added The Amazon.com Application On Your LinkedIn Profile?

Amazon.com application is one of 15 applications to choose from to

add to your LinkedIn profile. Why add it? It will show others that

you are connected to what you are currently reading. What you read

in your field showcases what you know.

To add Amazon to your profile simply go to the “More” tab in the tool bar at the top of your profile. Click on the

dowp down, then scroll to the bottom and select “get more applications. Then choose Reading List by Amazon.com. Make

sure when you add the application that you check the boxes that that say “Display on my profile” and “Display on my

LinkedIn Homepage”.

Watch the reading activity of any LinkedIn member. You may make new connections over common reading interests.

Extend your professional profile by sharing the books you’re reading with other LinkedIn members. Find out what you

should be reading by following updates from your connections, people in your field, or other LinkedIn members of

professional interest to you. Discover books recommended by experts and professionals in your field.

Happy reading, remember what that is??

LinkedIn skills and Expertise Section; How many are you using? LinkedIn

added the skills section for your profile in BETA last year.

It is THE PRIME (S)earch (E)ngine (O)ptimization keyword location

of your profile. LinkedIn lets you add up to 50 skills or expertise’s,

another term for these would be KEYWORDS!

Here is a rundown of what you can do with this section.

1) When you start to add a skill, a drop down shows you a list of already in use skills or expertise
2) When you are in view profile mode & you hover your mouse over the skill it will show you Y/Y change in searches
3 )When you are in view profile mode & you dbl click on the skill another screen will appear with profile of the top users of that skill & they give you a list of related skills on the left side of the page and a definition
4) When you are in edit mode on your profile & you dbl click the skill a pop up will ask you for proficiency and years of experience

And, whatever skills or expertise terms you use here you can add them to your LinkedIn profile page under your SPECIALTIES.

Have fun with your Skills and Expertise (KEYWORDS) searching!

Have you added the new skills and expertise section to your LinkedIn Profile? It used to be called just the skills section. Now LinkedIn has updated the section to read “Skills and Expertise”. This new section allows you to add up to 50 skills and expertise to your profile. It is great for adding keywords of certain skills or expertise that recruiters are searching for. If you have been on LinkedIn for a while you probably still have the specialties section on your summary. But, If you are new to LinkedIn they no longer have the specialties section, LinkedIn is replacing it with the updated skills & Expertise. So update your profile with as many skills that relate to your position. To be cont….