Add Your Own Amazon Reading List to Your LinkedIn Profile? Why not?

Step one go to Google and choose images of the books you have read,capture-li-logo1

are reading, or want to read.

Step two, save those images to a document. Word or other

document type file.

Step three: go to Google again and find an Image of the old LinkedIn

Amazon Reading List, and add that to your document.

Step four convert the images of the books to a Power Point.

Step five: go to SlideShare and upload the ppt,

Step six: Click on the uploaded ppt and link to it directly.

Step seven: Copy the URL and paste it to your LinkedIn profile in the summary, job position, or education

section of your LinkedIn profile.

Step Eight: Name and describe the content and save it then click on done editing. NOW you have your own Amazon

Reading List on Your LinkedIn Profile.

Maybe LinkedIn will bring Amazon Reading List back, just maybe.