Here is one setting You Didn’t Know About when using LinkedIn. There are more,

but this one I find in doing my classes and workshops that most

or all of the participants don’t know about or were unaware of.

The item most LinkedIn users are unaware of is located in their

settings. Scroll down your settings page until to reach “Account”, click

on account. Scroll again to the bottom until you find “Manage Security

Settings”. Open that link check the box and save your changes.

Here is why.

HTTPS is a widely used web browser protocol that allows you to look at LinkedIn securely. The encrypted channel keeps data exchange confidential and allows you to securely identify the website. Most sites use HTTPS when taking payments or login credentials. LinkedIn automatically uses a secure connection when you sign in, use Recruiter, advertising tools, enter a payment flow, or change your settings. You now have the option to browse all of over HTTPS.

If you regularly access LinkedIn using WiFi hotspots at libraries, cafes, airports, we recommend that you turn on your HTTPS security settings.

Note: Third-party applications and some content may not be available when you turn this setting option on.

You don’t need this on when you are at your home.

But if you are out and about at the local Starbuck’s make sure your account settings are secure.