LinkedIn Profile writer/Social Media Manager.

Teaching classes in how to get started with LinkedIn. Training how to optimize and enhance LinkedIn profiles. How to use advanced skills in job search and groups on LinkedIn. Profile writer for individuals and companies. Group training, consulting, and speaking engagements.

If you want to know HOW to find a job that matches your interests and skills using LinkedIn?
If you want to know HOW to choose keywords and design your profile so others can find you?
If you want to know WHERE to place keywords and phrases in your profile for maximum impact?
If you want to know WHAT is a practical approach to measuring your progress on LinkedIn rankings?
If You want to know HOW to get your name on the top of the LinkedIn rankings?
If you want to know WHEN to use updates to send to your connects?
If you want to know WHY to use certain applications on LinkedIn?
If you want to know WHO to connect with on LinkedIn?

Managing social media profiles to attract contacts, customers, and establish a presence on the web. Also using Twitter, Google, and other Social Media to enhance visibility on the web.

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What Social Media applications exist to enhance your personal brand?
What can you do to promote your Personal Brand through Social Media?
What other internet tools/websites exist to improve your
personal brand?

Social Media Guidance,
Social Media Assessment, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Plan, Implementation, Social Media Tool Training, Linkedin Training, Google Profile, Twitter Training, Project Management, Account Management, Public Speaking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Training.

Contact information is:
ph: 224-221-9700