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How to Use LinkedIn Contacts and Messaging Notes.

If you are on LinkedIn you have to take advantage of the Contacts system I call it their CRM – Connections Resource management. When used with the LinkedIn messaging it is a great tool to use to stay top of mind with connections and, if you are in job search, in contact with recruiters.

Where are meassages on LinkedIn? They are at the tool bar on the top right side of your home or profile page. Scroll over the envelope and a drop down will appear, you have two choices invitations or messages. Click on the messages link.

Your messages will appear along with a side bar on the right hand side of the page.

The sidebar includes your connections photo, name, title, and an area for notes, so you can note when, where, and how you met. These notes are only visible by you. There is a second button on the sidebar for reminders.

The reminder will let you respond or send a message to the recruiter about a position or to send a note to them about a follow up meeting. The reminder page is produced when you click on the bell in the top right corner of the sidebar. There is also a number at the top far right corner the sidebar which is the number of mutual connections you have with your contact.

Checking your LinkedIn profile for messages should be a twice a day routine. If you are in job search or in business it pays to stay in touch with those you are connected to. You can set the reminder to notify you by email to contact your connection in one day, one week, or one month, to follow up with them.

Take advantage of the system LinkedIn has set up. Most people on LinkedIn don’t know this is available, or they don’t use it. If you are in search make sure you use it, it will a great addition to your job search strategy and keep you on target.

I’m always happy to connect on LinkedIn with people who read my blog. My email address is BruceBix49@gmail.com. If you find this information valuable please pass this on to others who need help.

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Updating your LinkedIn Profile for Job Search While Currently Employed.

You are currently employed, but want a different job for whatever reason. You don’t like your boss, you are underpaid, you are under employed and looking for a better job. You have a LinkedIn profile but you don’t want everyone to know, especially your current employer, that you are looking.

What are you options when it comes to your LinkedIn profile. You don’t want to post updates saying you are looking, so you use Ninja tactics. What are Ninja tactics?

Step one is to go to your settings at the top right of your profile page and scroll over your picture. A dropdown will appear and you select “Privacy and Settings” and click on “review”. This will take you to the settings homepage.

The first thing is to select under privacy controls is:

Turn on/off your activity broadcasts

LinkedIn will not share your activity broadcasts. They even include a note to the user.

Note: You may want to turn this option off if you’re looking for a job and don’t want your present employer to see that you’re updating your profile.

There is a second way do this and that is when you edit your profile a box will pop up and LinkedIn gives you the option to notify your network.

There are other settings you will have to change as well. Again, when you go to the settings home page under “Privacy Controls” is the second setting you will have to change is “Select who can see your activity feed”

Your choice in this instance is to choose “ONLY YOU”. This way only you will see the activity on your home page.

A word of caution. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR CURRENT JOB TITLE! Do not touch this section of your profile, LinkedIn does not block this activity, or changing your profile picture from being broadcast to your connections. I repeat, do not change anything on your current position.

One last setting to change is the groups settings. If you join networking or job search groups you will have to change those settings. On the left hand side of the settings page are 4 choices one of them is the “Groups, Companies, and Applications”. Click on this choice. In the middle of the page is GROUPS scroll down to “Turn on/off notifications when joining groups”, uncheck the box and save your changes.

These settings changes should keep your job search activity pretty well hidden from prying eyes. Even if you aren’t employed but are making maintenance changes to your profile you may want to turn these settings off so you won’t annoy your connections with 10 or 12 changes that you make to your profile.

I’m always happy to connect on LinkedIn with people who read my blog. My email address is BruceBix49@gmail.com. If you find this information valuable please pass this on to others who need help.

I write practically perfect LinkedIn profiles and exemplary executive resumes. Contact me at 224-221-9700 or Email me at bruce@hobknobery.com

Are You Using Your NEW LinkedIn Profile and SlideShare?

First thing to do is set up a free SlideShare account toimages

compliment your LinkedIn profile.

Complete your SlideShare account by filling out a profile with

Picture and whatever personal information you want to be known.

Then the fun begins. Here are your options to use with SlideShare:

1) Documents
2) Presentations
3) Video
4) Images

If you do presentations or power points you can add those to SlideShare. Just go to your account and select “upload”.

Find the file on your computer, select it and upload it to your SlideShare account.

If you are in job search and you have a resume in word or as a PDF you can also upload this to SlideShare. Once you

have it in SlidShare, click on the resume which will create a URL which you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

How do you add this to your profile. Start by editing your profile click on the box+ and Add a link to a video,

image, document, presentation… will show up.In this case your resume. Next a box will show up that says share a

link. Go to your SlideShare account click on your resume and it will generate a URL. Copy the URL and Paste the URL

from SlidShare into the “Add a Link” box.

This will create an image to click on, a title and description area to fill out. Select save and your profile media

link will be complete. You can place the media link in the summary, experience or education sections of your

profile. You can add YouTube videos, power point presentation,or pictures of events you have attended to your profile

If you want to add (UVP) Unique Value Positioning to your profile so your profile is outstanding, add the media to

several places on your LinkedIn profile.

I’ve added 13 items of media to my profile, I’m not sure what the limit is yet. The reason LinkedIn did this is

because Google changed some of its search algorithms, they are now searching for URL traffic instead of tags,

keywords, and meta tags.

Good luck with your URL traffic.