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Are you searching for a job and using LinkedIn for your search?

One of my connections just lost his job and wanted to know how to use LinkedIn for finding a new position. The job search feature is in the tool bar at the top of the home page. We did this over the phone step by step. We started by locating the job search suitcase in the tool bar

The second step was selecting a job title and a location. LinkedIn says: Your desired location may be pre-filled for you, but it can be updated by typing a different one into the textbox. A dropdown list will appear where you can select your desired location. You can use the Location field to type a city name, state/province/territory name, or country name.

Note: If you search by city, you’ll see a Distance within filter on the right rail allowing you to filter by a mile or kilometer radius. I haven’t found this filter but LinkedIn rolls out features so I may not have it yet.

Step three: location.

Now you have the option in the next step(s) to use more filters such as job function (Marketing, Management, IT, and other plus you can add your own function), job industry, and job type (full time, part time, internship or contract).

Once you have all your filters selected you can create your LinkedIn search alert. With a free LinkedIn account you can save up to three search alerts.

Step 5 is to select the frquency of alerts. Do yu want to be alerted every day or one a week. If you are in job search you may want daily updates so you can stay ahead of others in the search.

Your final option is if you want the alerts emailed or if you want mobile or desktop notifications. Currently on LinkedIn 60% of searches are done on mobile so it would benefit you to have both mobile and desktop selected.

The last feature for job alerts is your ability to manage the three alerts. You have the option to edit or change the frequency of the alerts to suit your needs.

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New LinkedIn Skill Pages Have Been Updated! Do you know how to use them?

Yes, LinkedIn skill pages are back. But having access to the information is not obvious. LinkedIn hid it in plain sight. The first step is to go to your profile page and click on the BLUE “View Profile as” button. The blue button changes to “send a message”. Instead of the edit mode, where the edit pencils show up whenerver you hover your mouse over different sections of your profile, you want to view your profile as your connections do.

When you are viewing your profile as a connection you can click on a skill which actually becomes a hyperlink and takes you to a LinkedIn “TOPIC” page. Make sure you click on the skill not the number of endorsements.

People you know have this skill. It will list the top people on LinkedIn that have this skill. Take a look at their profile and see what skills they have listed on their profile. If you are in the same industry do you have those skills also listed on your profile? If you don’t maybe you had better add them for your keyword search results.

Lynda see what there is to study about YouTube from Lyndadotcom.

Pulse articles written by members of LinkedIn regarding the subject of YouTube. It will show you the most popular posts by LinkedIn members that have been written about the subject.

Slideshare, next if you scroll down the page you will see a listing for the most popular items that have been written about YouTube on the SlideShare platform which is owned by LinkedIn.

Jobs that use this skill. Check out all of the jobs listed on LinkedIn that use that skill.

LinkedIn groups, all the groups on LinkedIn regarding that skill or are about subject matter or expertise of that skill.

People also know, scroll down more and there will be a listings of similar skills that people also have on their profiles.

All the info from above about skills is in the expanded version. I just found out there is a consolidated version which looks a little different which is shown below. Not all of the above info is displayed but most of it is. Not sure what drives the version you look at or which one LinkedIn decides to show you.

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I build practically perfect LinkedIn profiles and exemplary executive resumes. Contact me if you need help at 224-221-9700 or Email me at BruceBix49@gmail.com

Should you display LinkedIn’s Job Search Briefcase on your Profile?

Here are the benefits and the negatives of showing LinkedIn’s Job Seeker briefcase on your profile. It’s your profile so you can choose to show it or not. LinkedIn actually gives you an option in the settings page for you to display or hide the briefcase.

Here are the benefits

1) Five inmails – Send direct messages to recruiters on LinkedIn. Response guaranteed.
2) Who’s viewed your profile – See the list of people interested in your profile.
3) Featured applicant – Move your job applications to the top of the recruiter’s list.
4) Premium badge – Stand out in search results with a premium icon on your profile.
5) Salary data – See detailed salary info for each job.
6) Job Seeker Group and Webinar

All this for $29.95 a month. If you pay annually 24.95 a month, they’re assuming and you are too that you will be unemployed for a year?!

Here are the negatices

1) Inmails are $10.00 for each one if you have a free account. If you join groups these people are in you can message the same person for free.
2) Who’s viewed your profile – you can view the list of people but only five at a time. As one new view is added the last one drops off, it just takes a while to see the whole list.
3) Not a featured applicant. Just because your resume goes to the top is not a guarantee that it will pass, some recruiters frown on this method as cutting in line, when you resume may not warrant a look.
4) Premium badge – labels you as a job seeker in most cases recruiters are looking for people that are currently working and staying up to date with current industry trends.
5) Salary data – there are other websites that already calculate or estimate salary for you.
6) Job Seeker group and webinars – there are already so many job seeker webinars that you couldn’t listen to all of them in a week. How many hundreds of local job seeker groups are there on LinkedIn?

I know most recruiters when they search on Google, Bing, or LinkedIn that they almost always filter for (CURRENT) people currently working. And, I’ve seen so many articles about companies not wanting to hire the unemployed. I think it’s your call as to pay or not to pay. If you pay for the feature but just not put the job seeker badge on your profile may be the best of both worlds.

I’m always happy to connect on LinkedIn with people who read my blog. My email address is BruceBix49@gmail.com. If you find this info valuable please pass this on to others who need help.

I write practically perfect LinkedIn profiles and exemplary executive resumes. Contact me at 224-221-9700 or Email me at BruceBix49@gmail.com.

Are you Using LinkedIn Updates For Job Search?

Did you know you can search all of the updates on LinkedIn

for job postings?

Start from your Homepage on LinkedIn. But make sure you

start from the toolbar at the top of the page. Why, because

when you hover over the drop down arrow next to people, it

will give you a selection to choose from. The list include

1. people 2. updates 3. jobs 4. Companies 5. Inbox and

6. groups.

You want to select updates because this part of the search

includes the 10 filters from LinkedIn’s SIGNAL. The filters include

time, location, industry, network, company, school, groups, topics,

seniority, and update type.

So the first search term you want to enter into the search box is “HIRING”.

This will return all of the updates on

LinkedIn that have the word “HIRING” in it. The next step is your choice as

to which filter you want to use. I

usually search for location next then industry. And from there you have 8

more filters to you for search.

A lot of times the quantites of updates will require filters. One search I did resulted in 389,900 updates. Way to

many to look through. You can search by degree of connection or just the most recent results. LinkedIn SIGNAL’s

filters can show updates to within the last minute.

Good luck in you search for people companies, or JOBS!

Are You Using LinkedIn Company Pages for Job Search? If you are in job search

this section of LinkedIn is critical to your connecting. There are two areas that are

a storehouse of useful information regarding the company and its employees.

When you click on the company tab on the toolbar at the top of your LinkedIn

page you can search for companies using either keywords or a specific company

name. What shows up is the company profile.

On the company profile page is the Overview Tab, Careers Tab, and Product &

Services Tab. The overview expands so you can view the entire information for the

company and it also shows what the company specialties are. Below the profile are

listings of your first and second connections at the company and below that the news hires and what position they

are filling at the company. If this a target company you should have three connections at this company. One

connection that is a peer, one connection that is in HR, and one connection that is a manager or at the director

level. On the top right hand side of the company

profile it shows the number of your first connections, second connections and all the employees from that company on


But the most important part of the page is the section “Check out insightful statistics about (XYZ) employees“. Click

on the link and it will take you to a page where you will learn about the employees with new titles, people that

have left the company, where employees worked before coming to this company, and where employees when to work after

this company. These other companies listed could also be potential target companies

for your job search. At the bottom right of this page is a listing of the most

common skills of (XYZ) employees and a listing of the three most recommended

people at the company. You may want to add some of these skills to your profile.

Finally, the second important feature of the company profile if you are in job search is the “careers’”tab. Click on

the link and it will take you to the careers page. At the top section “why you should work for or reasons you may

want to work for (XYZ) company”.

Then a listing of positions at the company. Some companies have a “why we Love it here” and benefits listing that

the company provides. And one more feature of some company pages is a “reach out to the recruiting team”, which

makes it easy to contact or connect with someone at the company.

Here is to a successful job search with companies.