Did you know there are extra features on the LinkedIn mobile app? Here are Three Extra LinkedIn features on Mobile ONLY!

Sync contacts and calendar. Sync Contacts and Calendar are two main differences on the Account screen for LinkedIn mobile.
By syncing your contacts LinkedIn automatically finds people you know.

Calendar sync for meeting intelligence. LinkedIn will continuously sync your phones calendar so that you will be able to:

Help you and others connect.
By syncing your calendar you get insights about people you are meeting with before the meeting starts.
Get reminders of new people you’ve met so you can follow up. Topics for contacting.

LinkedIn makes it easy to select reasons for others to reach out to you

Its great if you are a business consultant, a freelancer or if you just want to sit down with a connection and discuss the latest victory of the Cubs.

The third area is Improving your profile. LinkedIn will search and browse the internet for articles mentioning your name. Then they will ask you if you want to add it to your LinkedIn profile. It maybe an article on a website that you wrote or maybe a mention of you from an on-line news source.

Sounds and vibrations is a bonus. It is when LinkedIn manages sounds and vibrations from push notifications such as the LinkedIn Blog or its Marketing Solutions unit or it LinkedIn Sales Blog.

As on LinkedIn desktop “Visibility is Opportunity” on mobile as well.

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