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How to post an update on LinkedIn for daily engagement!

First find an article you want to share with your LinkedIn network.

Second copy the article URL.

Next go to the home page of your LinkedIn profile.

Click on “start a Post” and you will get a pop up that asks “What do you want to talk about?”

Then write a comment about the article or ask a question to generate engagement with your connections.

Next is add or Paste the article URL.

Click on the next button.

Add who can see this post. To be most effective select “anyone, or if you are on Twitter share the article on two platforms.
You can also add groups to post the article to or if you want JUST your connections to see it you can choose that as well.

After that hit advanced and select “allow comments on this post” to hopefully engage some of your connections.

Select #Hashtag’s you want the article and you to be found for and add them to your post.

One additional feature you should incorporate in an update is to “TAG” someone or “TAG” a company in the comments your wright about the article. When you “TAG” someone (@) or “TAG” (@) a company that will prompt a notification to you that someone mentioned your name or company name..

Finally click on the BLUE “POST” button.

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Only Amateur Sales People use JUST LinkedIn for Social Selling!

If you don’t use other digital platforms you will be a one dimensional salesperson. You have to be on all the channels that you customers are on. One platform that works extremely well with LinkedIn and social selling is Twitter. Twitter will allow you to follow your targets and they do not have to follow you back, and it lets you stay up to the minute with what your customers are doing. Finding out what they are posting gives you an opportunity to interact then you can reinforce the interaction by connecting with them on LinkedIn.

An additional platform that compliments LinkedIn for content sharing and social selling is YouTube. You can use your own videos or share content that is pertinent to your customer and can be viewed by your target company. The great thing about video is that people can retain information 60 times faster than written content. So they will remember your content when they are ready to make a decision.

There are other platforms to serve your customer, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and beBee. Choose wisely the platforms that work for selling such as LinkedIn (SlideShare), YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

I educate customers and show businesses how to implement social selling. Contact me at 224-221-9700 or Email me at or my website

Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Digital Internet of Things (IoT)

The definition. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, buildings and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and networks, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. My LinkedIn profile is part of my network of (IoT), its an other item which is embedded with networks to exchange information with other connections using devices (Laptop and smartphone) and websites.

It starts with my LinkedIn profile page. These profiles collect useful data with the help of various existing technologies and then autonomously flow the data between other websites and devices. LinkedIn’s biggest device is an open source technology called Kafka that was originally developed to pass messages between the pieces of LinkedIn’s large web application.

That’s what your profile is meant to be used for, to pass your messages between the pieces (SlidShare, Lynda, Rapportive, and others) of LinkedIn’s web applications. On your profile page is your contact information that only your first degree connections can view.

This is the hub for your LinkedIn profile (IoT) Internet of Things. All of this contact information is on your profile and most people on LinkedIn do not use it or even know that it exists. It starts with your phone number and email address. Experienced users will know that you can add blogs, company websites, personal websites, RSS Feed, portfolio, and others. There are three basic websites that LinkedIn lets you add plus Twitter.

Other ways to add to your (IoT) Internet of Things would be to add your company to the LinkedIn platform. Then you can place your website address such as directly underneath my current experience section position. When you place it there it becomes a hyperlink so when someone hovers over the link and clicks on it, it takes the reader of your LinkedIn profile directly to your company page on LinkedIn.

We are getting warmed up now. If you have other websites you use for your company you can add those ass well. Lets say you have a YouTube Channel that you would like to share with your connections. Go to your YouTube Channel and click on the URL link and copy it. Then go to your LinkedIn profile and “edit” it. At the top right corner of every section of your profile is sqaure with a (+) plus sign on it. Click on it.

This is what it looks like. Next screen will be a drop down and you will have two choices add a URL, which your are going to add, or it will ask you to find a file. Paste the URL you copied from your YouTube channel into the box the say http:// and LinkedIn will auto generate a title and description for you, which you should edit to make it SEO friendly.

Once that is done there will be a box with your media from Youtube which when you click on the image will take you directly to your YouTube channel.

One of the mainstays of your profile is your Twitter account which is separate from your websites. With a Twitter account added to your LinkedIn profile you can leverage two different digital media platforms simultaneously. When you post an update on your LinledIn profile you can share that update on Twitter at the same time provided your audiences are the same.

The next part of your (IoT) Internet of Things you can add to your LinkedIn profile is Slidshare. SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn and is actually part of your profile listed under “Interests”. You can have a separate SlidShare account but if you don’t you can add it through your LinkedIn profile. Some SlideShare stats you may want to know about: 70 million lusers, 159 million page views and 41% of B2B marketers use it to share content.

You can add four types of media to SlideShare, images, presentations, papers, and video. This is an opportunity to showcase what you are all about. Adding visual media to yur LinkedIn page will separate you from others in you industry. It will help you stand out and make you the subject matter esxpert in your field.

There are other sites you can add to your (IoT) Internet of Things on LinkedIn and one of them is an page. What you can do is set up your profile on open the profile page so it generates a URL, then copy the URL go to edit your LinkedIn profile andd place it in the section of your profile that you feel it is the most appropriate. I put mine at the bottom of my LinkedIn Summary section since it is about me. The only thing you have to is have to do is click on the image and it will take the viewer directly to that web site.

If you are a blogger you can add your blog to one of the three websites LinkedIn lets you use. If you use WordPress you can share your blog on the LinkedIn platform every time you post. There are other sites you can add it’s just up to your imagination, have fun with your additions.

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I build practically perfect LinkedIn profiles and exemplary executive resumes. Contact me if you need help at 224-221-9700 or Email me at

Have You Ever Started a Group Discussion on LinkedIn?

When you use the groups feature of LinkedIn you’re posting your

content within a group is broadcast for other group members to see.

The higher your post quality, if you are relevant, and if you are helpful

to the group it will provide you the opportunity to become an authority

in your area of expertise. Authority will not come overnight, so you will

need to be patient and consistent to reach that goal.

To start a discussion go to the discussion tab at the top of the page. Then a discussion box will appear next to your

profile picture. Then begin typing your discussion. The title box will appear in gold and will allow you to write

a headline that includes 200 word limit. Below that is an add more details box which allows you to add several

hundred more characters. Below that box is a paper clip where you can attach a link.

So if you find an informational article in your expertise you can share it with the group. Go to the URL box at the

the top of page and copy the URL. Then go to your groups page and attach the link by clicking on the paper clip,

and paste the URL into the add a link box. That’s it. You have just shared your article and have started demonstrting

your expertise.

If you have a Twitter account you can check the box next to the blue Twitter bird and you can leverage two social

medias at one time.

Are You Using LinkedIn’s NEW Profile Strength Indicator?

When LinkedIn introduced the new profile look they startedCapture Profile strength All Star

displaying a profile strength indicator on the right side

of your profile page.

There are five levels of profile strength.

1) Just beginning
2) Intermediate
3) Advanced
4) Expert
5) All Star

When you reach the All Star level your profile is 100% complete. What this allows you to do is leverage two social

medias. At the All Star level you can click on the link below the profile strength and “share your profile” on either

FaceBook or Twitter. The message reads “Check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn.”

Capture All Star Share

Sharing your profile adds the possibility to connect with more people not only on LinkedIn but other Social media

platforms. “Let’s put the social into Social Media.

Are you Using LinkedIn’s New Home Page Updates Share Drop Down?

I was doing a Intermediate LinkedIn Presentation at a local library

when it happened. I was going to show the workshop attendees how to

leverage two social medias. I went to my home page to post an update

about LinkedIn’s new profile and I went to SHARE and check the box by

the blue Twitter bird and it wasn’t there.

What popped up was the tool bar at the bottom of the update with a drop down menu. I now had 3 choices to select from

in the drop down.

1) The default setting with a check mark in front of LinkedIn + Twitter (BruceBixler49)

2) The second choice is share the update with everyone on LinkedIn

3) The third choice was to share with just you LinkedIn connections

So now you have your choice to send a message only to your connections. Great idea if you are hosting an event that

you want only your connections to know about. If you want to market your business you now have the choice to let

every on LinkedIn be aware of your products and services. And, your third choice as I was showing the class was

how to leverage two social medias and SHARE the information on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

Happy sharing to whoever you want to connect with!!

Did you know that LinkedIn is removing the Tweets section on your profile? LinkedIn sent out emails to all of the profiles on its platform. LinkedIn will be shutting off the Tweets application on January 31, 2012. At that time, the application will be removed from all profiles and the homepage. Tweets imported from Twitter into the LinkedIn network updates stream will not be affected. Your Twitter account will still show up on your profile so people can connect with you through Twitter. To be cont….

Do you use the TWEETS application on LinkedIn? If you have a twitter account and its on your LinkedIn profile it will list all of your contacts that use Twitter. LinkedIn will build the list for you if you are just starting a Twitter account. This way you have built-in followers through your connections. Print out the list and send requests to follow to your connections and you will have a Twitter following in no time. To be cont….

Are you using the combination of Twitter and LinkedIn for your job search? Twitter to search for your target companies hiring and LinkedIn for a landing page for people searching for you. Twitter is great for current and real time job postings. Make sure you have your LinkedIn URL set up for referral on your Twitter profile. That way if a recruiter finds you on Twitter they can search your LinkedIn profile for a resume. To be cont….

How many followers do you have on Twitter? The more followers you have the more opportunity to find a potential contact. One way to obtain followers is to follow recruiters or head hunters. They almost always follow back. Another way to get followers is to search for your target companies. Businesses always follow back. Businesses on Twitter also post job listings, so follow your target companies. To be cont….