I lost my LinkedIn account, now what do I do? I received

this email from a frantic connection. He said he

was sending me this via personal email because his LinkedIn

profile was restricted. Needless to say he sounded frantic in his note.

He told me he had sent an email to LinkedIn help desk and that they had given him a ticket number. It

has been 24 hours and no response from LinkedIn. And once you are restricted you think the worst. Did

I spam someone, did I not personalize all of my connection requests, how many people said that they

Didn’t know me?

So, he was asking my advice as what to do. I responded by telling him that I had a similar situation

Several months ago. My account was restricted and I didn’t have access to anything on LinkedIn.

It feels like you are on a deserted island without any contact in the world. So I waited, it took LinkedIn

two days to contact me, but it wasn’t my fault. LinkedIn had done an update and my profile was stuck

in limbo. They resent the information to the system and I was back to active status.

The first thing I did when it came back up was to download all of my connection to a CSV file on my

Computer’s desktop. From there I can convert it to an excel file and save it my LinkedIn folder. This

should be done at least quarterly for your protection. You don’t want to lose access to all of your


How do you do that you ask: Step 1) go to the toolbar at the top of your profile and select your contacts

2) Scroll to your connections page 3) on the bottom right of the page it will say “Export Connections”

4) click on the link 5) there will be a box with a drop down select which CSV file to export to. 6) then

select export. A file will be generated which you can save to your desktop. When you get the file you can convert it

to excel file and then save it to a folder of your choosing.

The second thing I did was print out my profile in a PDF format because I didn’t want to lose all my

Information and recommendations. I also copied and pasted JUST my recommendations to a PDF file
How do you do that? This is an easy one, go to your LinkedIn profile and there is a gray edit box with a

drop down. Click on the drop down and select export to PDF. Save the PDF to your LinkedIn folder also.

Don’t wait for something to happen to your profile before you decide to save your contact information.

Your profile has been years in the making, protect your reputation, and save it.