13 Things You Have To Do Every Week on LinkedIn!

One of the most important social media platforms for business is LinkedIn. So how do you stay top of mind with your connections on LinkedIn?

Here is a list of ideas to make you stand out from the crowd.

1) Share an article in your updates with others on LinkedIn, or in your groups, and even a connection that you think may benefit from reading it.

2) Use the contacts feature under the drop down for your network. Congratulate someone for landing a new job, wish them a Happy Birthday, or send them a note about an article they were mentioned in.

3) Endorse a connection for a skill or expertise, one that you have first-hand knowledge of for the work that they performed.

4) Recommendation, give one recommendation to someone you met this past week that is deserving of acknowledgement.


5) Add a URL or a link to share on your profile

6) Review Group updates from the groups you are in. Check those groups that you receive only weekly updates to stay on top of your industry.

7) Add a comment or a post to one of the groups you are a member of.

8) Invite new connections that you have met networking

9) Add a company to those that you are following, receive news from an additional source.

10) Send a note to 3 connections that you haven’t had contact with in the past 6 months

11) If you own a group, then ask a question or start a poll to get answers for questions that you have about your job or industry.

12) Connection request, review, either accept or ignore requests to connect from the past week.

13) Advance Search for people that you would like to connect with on LinkedIn.

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