Do You Have the New LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”?

So where is this section? The new version is part way down

on the right side of your Profile page. Who’s Viewed Your Profile

is a link when you hover your mouse over the words Who’s Viewed Your Profile.

The are two number and phrases there. The top number is the number of people who have actually viewed you profile.

They actually clicked on your profile and looked at your profile information. It may say that your profile has been

viewed 12 times over the last three days or your profile has been viewed 6 times in the past day. You want your

profile views to be at least 4-5 times a day. The average LinkedIn profile is viewed only once a day. If you are in

job search you want that number to be much higher.

The other number and phrase under Who’s viewed you profile” is the total number of times your profile has shown up

in keyword searches. It will say You have shown up in search results 19 times in the past 3 days, or you have shown

up in search results 25 times today.

When you hover your mouse and click on the link will take you to the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” homepage.

on the homepage you will be able to view the people that looked at your profile. There will be three different

listings depending upon the privacy settings of the viewer.

A) The first setting You Name and headline (Which LinkedIn recommends)

b) Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title Note: Selecting this option will disable Profile Stats.

c) You will be totally anonymous Note: Selecting this option will disable Profile Stats.

On the home page will be a listing of the profiles that looked at your profile. To the right of the listing

is a graph for the last 90 days of viewers and search results with a total number of views and a total number

How many times you appeared in LinkedIn Search.

The ideal numbers should be 5 – 10 views per day and at least 50 – 75 search results per day. It will all depend on

the keywords as well as the skills and expertise that you have listed on your profile. The views will depend upon

how well you have crafted your LinkedIn headline to attract attention.