How do you like the New LinkedIn Profile? Is it too simple?

Is it easy or hard to find the features you normally use?

I think it is easier. You just have to know where to look

on the new profile.

At the top left is Home, followed by Profile which has a drop down to edit profile. Next is Network which is your

contacts adding connections and finding Alumni. To the right of network is jobs. The next tool is interests which

has a drop down for Companies, groups, and influencers.

Directly above jobs and interests is the search bar. On the left side of the search bar is another drop down.

The default is to search for people. The other options are updates which has been combined with Signal, jobs,

companies, inbox, and groups. Most of these: people, companies, updates, and groups can be advanced searched,

which is still on the right side of the search box.

To the right of the advanced search is an envelope for messages. Next to that is a flag for notifications. The

next Icon is a + sign and figure of a head for adding connections from your different email sources. The final icon

to the right is your photo which has a drop down for signing out, account type, job posting, company page,

language, privacy settings, and help center.

Directly below those icons are premium solutions and upgrades to LinkedIn. So that is the run down about the new

profile look, and where all the tools are located.

Happy sesarching!