Are you Managing your LinkedIn endorsements? Did you know

you CAN manage Your LinkedIn Endorsements? Yes, you now can

hide and unhide your endorsements. If you are in financial

planning you can list your skills and hide your endorsements.

So now when you edit your profile you can scroll down to skills

and expertise and click on the blue edit pencil.

This will give you three options, 1) add or remove a skill,

2) manage your endorsements, and 3) display your endorsements.

Number one, is obvious you can either add a new skill, or remove a skill that doesn’t generate any endorsements.

You can add up to 50 skills and endorsements. When you click on a skill it will give you a definition, profiles of

people on LinkedIn best representing that skill or expertise.

Number two, is managing your endorsements which allows you to show or hide any endorsements you have or you can hide

an individual endorser. But if you don’t want to show a specific skill you can hide all those people that endorsed

you for it. You can un-hide it a later date.

Number three, is display your endorsements which gives you two choices; Yes, show my endorsements or No, do not show

my endorsements. If you choose not to show endorsements the skills will still be visible on your profile but you

won’t have any acknowledgement of those skills or social proof.

And in today’s environment you will need all the social proof to distinguish yourself from others in the market place