Are You Using SlideShare With Your LinkedIn Profile?

SlideShare is one of the essential LinkedIn applications you must have to enhance your LinkedIn profile.

SlideShare is a social media platform that allows you to upload documents, presentation, infographics, and videos to your site. Slide share has a free account and premium accounts. Free accounts give you the flexibility to add many new individual slideshares to your account.

Documents: can be any type, like resumes, lists, white papers, or handbills

Presentations: can be any power point, or presentation you have developed to present

Infographics: any graphic you have put together for groups, business, or personal information

Videos: YouTube, Camtasia or other video recording.

SlideShare is great for SEO and traffic between LinkedIn and SlideShare lets you rank very high on Google. LinkedIn owns Slideshare so they make it convenient for applications to be seamless between the two social media platforms.

Once you are established on SlideShare other members will follow your uploads and posts. You can also follow people that are influencers on the internet. You can also follow your friends and other LinkedIn connections.

You would be amazed at the availability of papers, presentations and videos on SlideShare. So start sharing and see what you find.

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