How to Use LinkedIn’s Find Alumni tool for connecting.

Most people don’t know that the “Find Alumni” tool exists let alone how to use it. So where is it on your LinkedIn profile? We start on your profile page at the top toolbar. Hover over the word network and a drop down will appear. Your choices will show as 1) contacts, 2) add connections, and 3) find alumni. Scroll down to alumni and select.

The alumni homepage will appear and on the right side will be a drop down with the schools you attended and similar schools. In this case it may be beneficial if you also include your high school on your profile.

Select your school and you will have six columns to filter your search for an alumni. The columns are
1) Where they live 2) Where they work 3) What they do 4)What they Studied 5) What they are skilled at and 6) and most importantly how you are connected. One other filter below the school name is a toolbar with the dates attended.

Once you set all your filters then the results are posted with a profile picture and headline of your alumni along with the date of graduation watermarked next to their name. It will tell you what degree you are connected and how many shared connections as well.

Set your search for high school, college, or grad school to find that connection you need to make contact.

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