Only Amateur Sales People use JUST LinkedIn for Social Selling!

If you don’t use other digital platforms you will be a one dimensional salesperson. You have to be on all the channels that you customers are on. One platform that works extremely well with LinkedIn and social selling is Twitter. Twitter will allow you to follow your targets and they do not have to follow you back, and it lets you stay up to the minute with what your customers are doing. Finding out what they are posting gives you an opportunity to interact then you can reinforce the interaction by connecting with them on LinkedIn.

An additional platform that compliments LinkedIn for content sharing and social selling is YouTube. You can use your own videos or share content that is pertinent to your customer and can be viewed by your target company. The great thing about video is that people can retain information 60 times faster than written content. So they will remember your content when they are ready to make a decision.

There are other platforms to serve your customer, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and beBee. Choose wisely the platforms that work for selling such as LinkedIn (SlideShare), YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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