Have You Added Amazon’s Shelfari to your LinkedIn Profile?linkedin-logo2

What is “Shelfari”, it is a compilation of books that you

want to read, are reading, or have read using Amazon.com.

Sign up at Shelfari which is a free platform. The best way

to get started is to import your Reading List by Amazon.com

from LinkedIn. Even though the Reading list is no longer supported by LinkedIn Amazon will let you import the infor-

mation from your LinkedIn profile.

You set up a profile including a picture and a profile with all of your contact information. Shelfari also has groups

to join. These groups are set up by category so if you are into reading science fiction or into sports, you can

join that book group and enter into discussions.

Capture Shelf

Once you set up the books on your shelf you are ready to go. When someone hovers their cursor over each book cover,

it will show if you have read the book, are reading it currently, or have read the book. it will also show how

many other people have read it and what the review rating is.

So your final step is to click on your profile page and copy the URL. Take the URL and go to “Edit” your profile.

Click on the square box with the plus sign to add your media link. Then paste it into the URL box and add a title

and description.

You are done and you have just added the reading list to your summary section of your profile.