Should you display LinkedIn’s Job Search Briefcase on your Profile?

Here are the benefits and the negatives of showing LinkedIn’s Job Seeker briefcase on your profile. It’s your profile so you can choose to show it or not. LinkedIn actually gives you an option in the settings page for you to display or hide the briefcase.

Here are the benefits

1) Five inmails – Send direct messages to recruiters on LinkedIn. Response guaranteed.
2) Who’s viewed your profile – See the list of people interested in your profile.
3) Featured applicant – Move your job applications to the top of the recruiter’s list.
4) Premium badge – Stand out in search results with a premium icon on your profile.
5) Salary data – See detailed salary info for each job.
6) Job Seeker Group and Webinar

All this for $29.95 a month. If you pay annually 24.95 a month, they’re assuming and you are too that you will be unemployed for a year?!

Here are the negatices

1) Inmails are $10.00 for each one if you have a free account. If you join groups these people are in you can message the same person for free.
2) Who’s viewed your profile – you can view the list of people but only five at a time. As one new view is added the last one drops off, it just takes a while to see the whole list.
3) Not a featured applicant. Just because your resume goes to the top is not a guarantee that it will pass, some recruiters frown on this method as cutting in line, when you resume may not warrant a look.
4) Premium badge – labels you as a job seeker in most cases recruiters are looking for people that are currently working and staying up to date with current industry trends.
5) Salary data – there are other websites that already calculate or estimate salary for you.
6) Job Seeker group and webinars – there are already so many job seeker webinars that you couldn’t listen to all of them in a week. How many hundreds of local job seeker groups are there on LinkedIn?

I know most recruiters when they search on Google, Bing, or LinkedIn that they almost always filter for (CURRENT) people currently working. And, I’ve seen so many articles about companies not wanting to hire the unemployed. I think it’s your call as to pay or not to pay. If you pay for the feature but just not put the job seeker badge on your profile may be the best of both worlds.

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