Yes, export all of your LinkedIn connections.

Why and how do you export your connections? Because when LinkedIn changes and makes updates to the platform you don’t want to loose your information. If your computer crashes and cannot be repaired you should save your connections file on a flash drive.

It is easy to export your connections and it only takes 7 steps.

The first step: is too go to the tool bar at the top of your LinkedIn page and hover over “My Network”. A drop down will appear.

Second step: click on “Connections” from the drop down.

Third step: when the connections page appears click on the gear in the top right corner

Step four: The next page will show up and again in the top right corner under “advanced settings” will be “Export Connection”

Step five: The next page will be Export to Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file). IMPORTANT, There are other options but disregard them UNLESS you have a MAC!

Step six: Save the file to your desktop.

Step seven: Convert the file to excel so that you can manipulate the info.

LinkedIn gives you First Name Last Name, Email Address, Company name and current position. There are a lot of empty columns that you will have to delete. Delete the empty ones so you have a manageable file to manipulate. You can set it up by company or the easiest to alphabetize all of your connections.

Do it now because LinkedIn will eliminate this feature with the new user interface.

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