How and Why to edit Your LinkedIn Profile Summary.

On the new LinkedIn profile for 2013 to edit your summary section hover your mouse over the toolbar at the top of the LinkedIn page. A dropdown will appear and you have to choices to select from. 1) Edit your profile or 2) Who’s viewed your profile. Select “EDIT” and all of the editing features will appear at the top right of each section on your profile.

Each section will have an edit pencil, a media square with a plus sign, and an up and down arrow to move
the various sections of you profile. Choose the edit pencil for your summary section.

At the every top of your summary should be a contact email address and a phone number for connecting.
Why, because if your summary is engaging enough the reader, a recruiter or a customer, will want to
contact you. Rather than search all over your profile, make sure it is front and center at the top.
The summary should have three sections for your profile.

The first section should describe what you do. Give details about your job or position and make sure you use keywords associated with your position.

Next, leave white space. Why leave space, so that the reader can focus on different areas of your summary. You don’t want to bore them with a 300 word paragraph. You will lose them half way through the

The second Paragraph should tell people what you have accomplished at previous companies. Use a story to tell of your successes and what role you played in the story. Make sure you use keywords in your description.

Again, leave white space. The third paragraph should tell the person how will be able to help them solve their problems. After all the summary should not be about you, but how you can help them with their pain. Show them with keywords why you are the one they want to do business with.

Make sure you add specialties to the end of your summary. By specialties, I mean KEYWORDS. It helps your search ranking and it enhances your skills and expertise.

One last thing to add to your summary is the rich media, a power point presentation, a picture or image, a document (resume), or video.

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