Do You Use “People You May know” and “How You’re Connected” on LinkedIn?linkedin-logo

On the top right of your profile page LinkedIn shows you 4 photos

of people you are second degree connections of. It will feature one

person and tell you what industry they are in and how many connections’

you have in common.

So the first thing to do is click on one of the connections photos

which will take you to their profile page. Scroll down the page on

the right hand side until you reach the “How You’re Connected”

section. It will show your photo and up to three intermediary

connections. If you scroll over their profile pictures it will

highlight their profiles, these are first dergree connections of

yours and also fist degree connections in common of the person you want to

connect with.

If you scroll down farther LinkedIn will tell you how many connections in total you have in common and a link that

says “Get Introduced”. Click on link and it will show you the entire lists of connections according to connection

strength or quantity of connections. You choose who you want to introduce you to this new connection.

Craft your message like a pro:

1. State your intent
Be clear about why you’re asking for an introduction.
2. Give an out
Be professional and give a way to say no.

Then you send to your first degree connection the request and then they in turn forwards it to the person you want to

connect with. Hopefully the second degree person you want to connect with will approve your connecting.

GOOD LUCK connecting!