Are you searching for a job and using LinkedIn for your search?

One of my connections just lost his job and wanted to know how to use LinkedIn for finding a new position. The job search feature is in the tool bar at the top of the home page. We did this over the phone step by step. We started by locating the job search suitcase in the tool bar

The second step was selecting a job title and a location. LinkedIn says: Your desired location may be pre-filled for you, but it can be updated by typing a different one into the textbox. A dropdown list will appear where you can select your desired location. You can use the Location field to type a city name, state/province/territory name, or country name.

Note: If you search by city, you’ll see a Distance within filter on the right rail allowing you to filter by a mile or kilometer radius. I haven’t found this filter but LinkedIn rolls out features so I may not have it yet.

Step three: location.

Now you have the option in the next step(s) to use more filters such as job function (Marketing, Management, IT, and other plus you can add your own function), job industry, and job type (full time, part time, internship or contract).

Once you have all your filters selected you can create your LinkedIn search alert. With a free LinkedIn account you can save up to three search alerts.

Step 5 is to select the frquency of alerts. Do yu want to be alerted every day or one a week. If you are in job search you may want daily updates so you can stay ahead of others in the search.

Your final option is if you want the alerts emailed or if you want mobile or desktop notifications. Currently on LinkedIn 60% of searches are done on mobile so it would benefit you to have both mobile and desktop selected.

The last feature for job alerts is your ability to manage the three alerts. You have the option to edit or change the frequency of the alerts to suit your needs.

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