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If you are in a job search and have both Twitter and LinkedIn profiles set up you need to use these two tools.
Hootsuite will help you keep in touch with recruiters and headhunters in your job search. For JobDeck you will have to go to Google and download it. It is a great application that aggregates real time job listings from Twitter and LinkedIn. But the best thing is you can add others, such as and Simply Hired. JobDeck gives you the option to add columns for other job sources, like Careerbuilder and Monster, anytime they are mentioned. To be cont……

LinkedIn and Twitter on your LinkedIn profile. Go to twitter and set up a profile. Twitter allows you 160 characters for your profile. They also let you set up a link with another website. Use the URL from your LinkedIn profile. This way when you post an update on your profile you can duplicate the update to all of your Twitter followers at the same time. To be cont….

Hundreds and hundreds of applications on twitter for the job search. Three things to start after you have set up your profile. the first one is TwitterJobSearch, very simple click on browse button enter your job function in the search field. You can add filters for location and categories. Another job search app from Twitter is tweetmyjobs which will act as a job agent for your selected priorities. The third app is twitterjobcast where you can locate jobs by a certain zip code. To be cont….

Twitter #1

Sign up for a Twitter account and add it to your LinkedIn Profile. If you are in a job search that lets the recruiters know that you are keeping up to date with social media. Learn how to follow recruiters, headhunters, and your Target companies to keep up with what they are doing. The one nice thing about having Twitter and LinkedIn together is that you can update your status on both social media platforms and reach out to more people. To be cont…..