Are you Managing Your Active Status on #LinkedIn? What is active status?

It is one of the newer settings on YOUR Settings and Privacy. Go to the tool bar at the top of your profile page, click on your profile picture, and click the drop down. #LinkedIn introduced it recently as one of its new features.

Step one: Go to “Privacy and settings”

Step two: Select “Privacy”

Step three: Scroll to “Manage active Status”

Step four: Three options are…

“Your Connections Only”
“All LinkedIn members”
“No One”

Finally. Your Connections only
Only your 1st-degree connections will be able to see when you are on LinkedIn.

All LinkedIn members
All LinkedIn members will be able to see when you are on LinkedIn.

No one
No one on LinkedIn will be able to see when you are on LinkedIn.
Changes to this setting may take up to 30 minutes to take effect.

So why would you want to have your settings all LinkedIn members??

QUESTION: Are you an entrepreneur, are you in sales, are you in lead generation, are you in business development, are you a recruiter, OR are you in job search?

On, “Active Status” gives you VISIBILITY too!

ANSWER: Your customers, your clients, yours leads, your possible candidate, your hiring manager, and your recruiter.

Link for video:

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