LinkedIn Hashtags from your homepage. Directly underneath your photo and Headline. This is on the desktop version. I did not see it on the mobile version of LinkedIn, although you can use the hashtags it doesn’t show on the mobile version

Hashtags list. It gives a list of the most used or the hashtags LinkedIn thinks you will use most. If you click on the “see more” the list expands from 5 to ten most used Hashtags.

Hashtag communities. So what are hashtag communities on LinkedIn? They are hashtags that you can choose to add or pin to your list. When you click on them your home page feed will show up with all the posts and updates that are filed under the pinned hashtag.

Hashtags show more you will be taken to a page of different topics that you can follow. These look a lot like the old Pulse topics that you could follow and get articles to show up on your home feed.

I clicked on the hashtag for information science which is a hashtag I follow and up came the term information science and all the updates for that hashtag.

LinkedIn is taking a step towards Twitter and Instagram in keeping up with current digital features and making it easier to search on the platform.

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