THREE (3) Effective Ways to Sabotage Your LinkedIn Profile for Job Search!

1) Not personalizing your LinkedIn URL
2) Seeking next opportunity
3) No Picture

Not personalizing your LinkedIn URL is a big mistake. Your personal URL when it is edited to just your name is much more effective if you want to be found in search. SEO or search engine optimization by Google will help you show up in search when someone searches Google for your name. When someone requests a request to connect on LinkedIn there are several things I look at. The first is the URL.

Profiles with LinkedIn generated public URL’s are a sign of being a social media novice. There are a couple of ways to go for changing and personalize your URL. The basic way is for SEO reasons. You want to change it to use your name for search, but with so many profiles on LinkedIn you may not have access to your name. Joe Smith comes to mind. If you have a more common name you can add a middle initial or a number after your name. If your URL is taken LinkedIn will give you several options to choose from

The other alternative would be to include your name and industry:"MikeJonesAccountant" or your business name :MidwestAccounting".
Either way you need to set yourself apart from others with your name and for SEO.

Job Seeker – Seeking next opportunity or "In Transition" in the headline is the area where your skills and search terms have the biggest bang for your buck. But seeking communicates nothing about your skills, experience or how you help solve problem.

The words seeking opportunity and transition are not listed as search terms in LinkedIn skills section. So you are wasting valuable space for skills or search term placement. You only have 120 character so don't waste the space with empty words.

Seeking also is not what recruiters or hiring managers are looking for. It simply describes a circumstance, yours, which has little relevance in the mind of an executive recruiter or employer looking to hire. It's your problem so put it in the summary so you can explain what you are looking for. At best it’s factual, at worst it borders on desperation.

No Picture is probably the kiss of death in search on LinkedIn. Most people and recruiters what to see what you look like. In heat vision search on LinkedIn profiles found that almost 20% of the time is spent looking at your picture or the area where your picture should be.

Without a picture on a profile people with ask three questions.

What are you hiding?
Don’t you know how to upload a picture?
Is this a FAKE profile?

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