Is your LinkedIn profile headline helping or hurting your visibility? It is the most heavily weighted search area on your LinkedIn profile. So why do most people use the LinkedIn default setting of Job title and Company name? How many opportunities are you missing by using a BORING headline?

How many of your customers are searching for a Senior Marketing Manager or how many of your clients are searching XYZ Company? Yes, you can include a title but that is only one part of your Headline.

UVP – Most people have a headline that simply states their position. But that doesn’t tell people why they should connect with you. It doesn’t tell them how you add value, and it doesn’t tell them how you can solve their company’s problem.

You need to learn how to set YOURSELF apart. You need to prove that YOU are a thought leader. You need to show that YOU are the expert.

There should be three parts to your headline; part one should be WHAT you do, part two should be WHO you help, and part three should be HOW you help them. Your headline should be laser focused on the customers (hiring managers) you are trying to attract.

Your headline is a marketing piece, most people on LinkedIn don’t realize this or utilize it to distinguish themselves from other users. Optimize Your Most Important SKILLS. The first few word in your LinkedIn headline gets the best SEO results from LinkedIn’s search algorithm.

Never use the word “Searching” Or “Opportunity” in your headline. Searching is your problem, not their solution. You want to be their solution. You must focus your skills on a certain company, industry, geographic region, or on a particular level of professional. Targeting an audience helps them say yes to you when the fit is there! People like people that are just like themselves.

Avoid ALL of the 2017 top ten overused buzzwords that LinkedIn has identified.

You have 120 characters to use in your headline, so choose them wisely. Do not use buzzwords because people are NOT searching for those terms. They may look good on your headline but they are like empty calories. Use separators – vertical bars (|) are visually OK to define your search terms, but you may want to use Wingdings (*) or Dingbats (✔) to standout.

On LinkedIn you DO want to stand out. Do not do ordinary, which will make you look average and on LinkedIn average is at the 250,000,000 mark. You don’t want to show up there for search results!

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Edit, EDIT, and EDIT some more. Your profile and headline should not be static they should change when you find skills that are more in demand. When you edit your headline your connections will be notified. Staying top of mind is a good thing in today’s digital world.

If your headline is designed correctly you will show up in results, when you show up that is when you will have an opportunity to connect!

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