Sharing Articles on LinkedIn Home Page Updates!

You start on the home page of your LinkedIn profile where it says to share an update.

Why, to establish yourself as a subject matter expert, to improve your LinkedIn SSI score, or to stay top of mind with your connections.

But how do you share articles or information with your network on LinkedIn? There are several ways to do that. First most blogs or web pages have share buttons.

A second way to share articles is to use the LinkedIn’s Sharing Bookmarklet. I use Google Chrome so all I had to do was left click and drag the the button to the tool bar at the top of my page.

Once there it is easy to share to LinkedIn homepage updates, add to Twitter, selsct a group to share it with or send it directly to an individual you think may be interested in the topic.

There is a third way to share articles on your home page and that is to open the article from the source which will generate a URL. Once the article is open copy the URL from the search box at the top of your page. Then go to your LinkedIn homepage click on share an update. Two boxes will open up. One box will say “Whats on your mind” this is where you put in a comment about the article. Form the comment into a question to generate interaction. The second box will be a share box, where you get to select with whom you want to share the article.

After you make your comment then you paste the copied URL from the article in the box. The URL will auto generate the title of the article, add a thumb nail image for you, and post the article to your LinkedIn feed once you hit the blue share button.

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