Your LinkedIn Profile and The Alumni Tool! Do you know how to use it? Did you even know it is there?

If you are in sales, lead generation, business development, recruiters, or job search you will want to know how to use this section of LinkedIn. It is one of the choices under my network on the tool bar at the top of your profile page.

Capture find alumni

Select “Find Alumni” from the drop down. The next screen will be the most recent college you have listed on your LinkedIn profile. You do not have to use your college, you can search any college listed. The best colleges to use for this search are colleges with large alumni base. So when to do a search you have a lot of profiles to filter.

After you have selected the college you want there are filters to use for “Where They Live”, “Where They Work”, and “What They Do”. This is the first page of filters. If your search is for Chicago, Kraft-Heinz, and Finance this is what the filters will look like. Then down the middle of the page results on the right side is an “arrow”, click on it and it will take you to the second page of filters.

For people in sales, lead generation, or business development you will be interested in the last column and the profile pictures at the bottom of the page. For job seekers you will be interested in the skills column and the photos at the bottom of the page.

For recruiters you will be interested in the profiles at the bottom of the page because they may be passive candidates for a job position that you are searching for.

If you are in job search the results will be two fold. First the skills listed on the second page will give you a hint of what skills you need on Your LinkedIn profile if you want to work for this company. Second the pictures at the bottom of the page may be the hiring manager or at the very least a connection that actually works at the company.

The profiles at the bottom of the page will be the people that meet your search criteria. They can be any one of your first degree, second degree, group members, or third degree and out of your network.

In this search result I have 5 results. Unfortunately none of the profiles are in my network, so I will have to change my search terms so I get better results of people in my network. I need people from my network for introductions to others I may want to connect with. If you are in sales the profile results at the bottom will be your leads for business development.

If I have missed any features let me know and I can add the feature.

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