How do you find the list of LinkedIn connections requests that you have sent out?

Where do you start? At the top of your profile page. Scroll over the toolbar at the top right until you hover over the people icon and a drop down will appear.

Pending invitations will be at the top of the drop down and “see all” will be on the top right corner near “Grow My Network”. Click on “see all”

When you click on it there is a drop down and you can select from three choices: pending invitations, sent invitations, and blocked invitations.
Select “sent Invitations and the next page will be all of your sent invitations in chronological order.

Only sent invitations that are still waiting for a response will be displayed.

You invited these people to connect and they haven’t responded yet. (This list might not include people you invited in the last few minutes.) If you don’t want LinkedIn to send reminder emails, you can cancel an invitation. The person you invited won’t get notified that you canceled the invite.

Note: Canceling invitations doesn’t return them to your balance of available invitations.

Keep in mind that if the recipient has already accepted your invitation to connect, you still have the option to remove the connection. That a post for another time.

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