If you have a LinkedIn profile you will want to know How to Feature Your LinkedIn Profile, NOT the Competition!

Have you looked at your connections and other contacts LinkedIn profiles and noticed on the right hand side of your profile the pictures of others under “PEOPLE ALSO VIEWED” section. Some of these other people may be your direct competition. So why would you want to feature them on YOUR LinkedIn profile?

If you are in sales, business development, consulting, recruiting, financial services, or real estate why would you want to give free publicity to your competitors? This feature is updated multiple times each month, and shows a maximum of 10 profiles that viewers of your profile also viewed. The member at the top of the list had the most views by people also looking at your profile.

In order for someone else to appear in this list, they’d have to be viewed more times than the people already shown. This box shows some of the other profiles that viewers of a LinkedIn profile have also looked at. You may see it on your own profile or on someone else’s profile.

The information in the People Also Viewed feature doesn’t reveal any individual’s browsing history, including your own. If the profiles listed in the box are the same as profiles you’ve viewed, that’s just a coincidence.

If one of your goals on LinkedIn is to increase your visibility, this feature can significantly increase the likelihood that your profile will be discovered and viewed by other members. However, you also have the option to remove the box from your profile.

Here is what you want to do. Go to the settings page on LinkedIn.

Your settings are located at the tool bar at the top right of your profile. It’s where your profile picture SHOULD be. Hover your mouse over the picture and a drop down will appear. Scroll down to privacy and settings and select manage. Next your setting for profile should come up, in the middle of the page are privacy controls. Scroll down two thirds of the way and select Show/hide “Viewers of this profile also viewed” box. Next, uncheck the box and save your changes. Now when people look at your profile that is all they will see.

So if you don’t want to promote your competition on your LinkedIn profile turn off their visibility. This way your customer, client or recruiter will only be able to view YOUR profile.

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