LinkedIn Search, You are ONLY Searching Your Network!

LinkedIn recently announced that they have reached the 400 million member mark from which you can only access a small fraction (your network). Not daily active users but a total of 400 million profiles. The question I want to ask you is how large is your network of LinkedIn connections?

You have first degree connections, second degree connections, third degree connections, and group connections. When you do a search or advanced search on LinkedIn a lot a people believe you are searching ALL of LinkedIn. Quite the contray, you are only searching the profiles and get the results of your LinkedIn connections.

I have a connection that has a few hundred connections and his total search results when he is searching is 3,117,000 profiles.

I have 4600 connections and my search results are 10,800,000 profiles. This means that everyone else on LinkedIn is out of my netwok. When they out of your network the name isn’t viewable by you. The profile shows up as “LinkedIn Member”.

LinkedIn is a search engine of profiles, so if you want to see more results you will have to increase your network. The only way to increase it is to add connections and join groups. Happy connecting.

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