Are you paying attention to LinkedIn’s notifications feature?

What is it you ask? It is that little flag in the upper right hand corner of your profile above the LinkedIn tool bar.

When you wish one of your connections a congratulations about a new job or wish them happy birthday LinkedIn stores that info. Then when someone else congratulates them or wishes them happy birthday you are notified as well. After receiving 15 or 20 other notifications from other well-wishers the notifications become tiresome.

What do you do to remove the unwanted notifications? Your first step is to hover over the flag until the notifications dropdown appears, then you scroll down to the notification(s) you want to remove. Hover your mouse over the top right corner where the time on notification appears. When you do that an (X) will show up. Click on the (X) and delete the notification.

LinkedIn will then ask you to confirm if you want to unsubscribe from the notification. They will give you two choices UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL. Click on unsubscribe and you will no longer receive that particular notification again.

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