Here is a shortcut for finding how many LinkedIn connections you have!

Earlier I created a YouTube video on how to find connections versus how many followers you have. It was a two-step process. What I have discovered since is an easy way to find out how many actual connections you have.

First thing is to start on profile page and go to the toolbar at the top and click on the connections tab. Do not select any of the items in the dropdown menu.

Second step is to go half way down the page in the middle until you see “Filter by all Contacts” There is a dropdown arrow click on it. It will give you choices of: all contacts, connections only, company, tag, location, title, and source. Select connections only.

Step three after you select “connections only” start scrolling down the page and at the top of the page your actual number of first degree connections will appear at the top of the list.

While you are there take a few moments and reconnect with a few of them to stay top of mind.

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