Social Selling Starts With Your Profile! The most important business profile and its platform is LinkedIn!

Is your LinkedIn profile a reflection of what you have to offer your connections. Is it complete, does it have an attractive photo, does it have a marketable Headline, and is your summary a sales pitch or a solution for your connection.

It is imperative that your profile is complete and professional looking. Customers will take one look at an incomplete profile and move on to next one. Why, because if your profile is missing something or is incomplete that customer is going to think one of three things.

1) You are lazy and didn’t get to finish your profile. If you can’t complete your profile, it makes them think will you complete their work.
2) You don’t know how. If you dont know how to complete something for yourself why would they want to hire you knowing you don’t know how to complete their work.
3) You don’t have time to complete it. If you don’t have time for your profile are you going to have time to help them with their problem.

Do you have a photo on your profile to sell yourself? People want to see who they are going to be working with. A picture could be worth not only a thousand words but a thousand dollars.

Your headline is the most important section of your LinkedIn profile. It is called a headline for a reason. It is meant to attract customers and entice them to view the rest of your profile. The headline also shows up in 23 different actions you perform on LinkedIn. But the most important place your headline shows up is in Google search.


Your headline should be a marketing statement about what you do, who you help and how you help them. The headline, like your profile is about them, or what’s in it for them. The headline is not about you.

Your summary has three parts. The first part is about contact information. How can people contact you after they have read your headline and summary.

The second part of the summary is a story of solving problems in three paragraphs about what you do that solves a problem, who you help solve their problem, and how you can them solve their problem. The summary should be outward facing and targeted to your customer, recruiter, or client.

The third and final section should be for a call to action: Contact me to see how I can solve your company’s ( ) problems. Include your email address again. If they get this far you want to make sure you capture their attention with your contact info.

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