LinkedIn – More Job Seeker Intelligence – Final 4 Steps

The LinkedIn Recruiter has become THE recruiting tool for online candidate searches, so writing your LinkedIn profile with that in mind can make a huge difference and a return on investment if you follow these steps.

Step #1 Connections – At Least 500 connections

Expanding your connections is the absolute best way to maximize the power of LinkedIn’s network that today stands at over 332 million accounts. 107 million in the USA, and with two new users joining every second!

Maximize your ability to acquire a huge second degree and third-degree connection network by 1) ensuring you have at least 500 connections and 2) targeting those with a large roster of connections themselves (super connectors). The average user on LinkedIn now has 930 connections. How many do you have?

Step #2 Placement of your Summary Skills section is Key

Unless your LinkedIn profile is an Open Profile a LinkedIn Recruiter user can only view the top part of your summary along with your headline, name and education. So by moving your skills section, and on your LinkedIn profile you can move all the major sections, including a list of skills within the first 50 characters of your summary section. Your profile then should list your summary first, yours skills section should follow, then your experience section, and so on

Step #3 Make Sure Your Contact info is plainly visible

Place your name and best ways to contact you at the top of your summary section. Make sure at least an email address and/or cell phone is within the first 100 characters of the summary section if you choose not to have an Open Profile. As in step #2 above this will ensure a recruiter can get in touch with you when your account is not fully visible to all. Also be sure to check under the additional information section “Contact for Career Opportunities.”

One final note make sure on your settings page under “communications” that the types of messages you are willing to receive are “career opportunities”.

Step #4 Attached Resumes

And finally the last step is to make sure if you place your resume on your LinkedIn profile is to create a URL link from SlideShare. Resumes that are attached in PDF and MS Word format and have been uploaded from your desktop or other computer files cannot be viewed in LinkedIn recruiter. Be sure your resume is seen in this tool using something like SlideShare or a personal website using a URL.


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