Did you know you can now request a download of your LinkedIn data from your Privacy & Settings page. I did a workshop today and one of the topics with the most requests was downloading your profile data.

One thing LinkedIn wants you to know is that it is important that you should only download your data from a personal computer and not a public computer. Don’t go to the public library and request the info.

To request your data move your cursor over your profile photo at the top right of your homepage and select Privacy & Settings.

Yes you will be prompted to sign in to settings but that is the security part.
At the bottom left of the settings page click the Account tab near the bottom of the page.

Click Request an archive of your data under the Helpful Links section.
You’ll receive an email within 72 hours when your data archive is ready to be downloaded. If you receive this email but did not initiate the request, be sure to change your password. This is why they don’t want you to request it at a public place.

The data that’s available to you includes:

Account information:

Registration information, when you signed up to join LinkedIn.
Login history including all IP records, these are every time you logged in from a location other than your home. Email address history, including primary and secondary email addresses as well as statuses
Account history including account closures and reopens.

Other information:

Name information including the current name on your account and any previous name changes
A list of your 1st degree connections, all of them, if you have a large number of connections it will provide all of them. Photos that have been uploaded to your account. Endorsements you’ve received for all of your skills. List of skills on your profile. Recommendations given and received
Group contributions, every time you liked something in a groups, or made a comment in a discussion in a group. Your search history. Content you’ve posted, shared, liked, or commented on. Mobile apps you’ve installed.

Ads you’ve clicked on
The targeting criteria LinkedIn uses to show you ads, this is a good one. This tells you what LinkedIn thinks is important for targeting.

This archive only includes data on your own activity within LinkedIn. It doesn’t include LinkedIn’s data such as information in People You May Know and Who’s Viewed Your Profile.

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