LinkedIn: How to search Your Connections By Industry!

Did you know you can search all of your connections on your LinkedIn profile? How do you do it? If you have a lot of connections like some people do, you may want to go through your connections for lead generation for a certain industry.

If you are in sales, business development or lead generation, this advanced search feature will be immensely helpful for you.

Where to start? Start on your profile page. Go to the search box at the top of the page and put in your full name. Step two select people for search, then THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART click on the magnifying glass for search. A list of everyone with your name will show up.

Your name will show up first in the search. Beneath your LinkedIn information will be the word “Similar” and the number of connections 500+ you have in green print. Click on the number and it will reveal a list of all of your connections.

Once you are in this screen, on the far left side is a set of filters. The filters are 1) Relationships – 1st connections, 2nd connections, groups, and 3rd & everyone else. 2) Location – top 5 are listed you can add others. 3) Current company – top 5 are listed you can add others. 4) INDUSTRY – top 5 are listed you can add others. 5) Past companies, 6) Schools, 7) Profile language, 8) Nonprofit interests, and 9) even though it is a premium filter, you can search groups, bet you didn’t know that.

For salespeople, lead generation, or the business development, the INDUSTRY filter is one of your best opportunities to search and find what you are looking for.

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