5 reasons My Daily News Source is Now LinkedIn!

Remember when you only had the newspaper to read for all your daily information? News, both local and national, as well as sports, business, comics, and jobs!

PULSE: Now LinkedIn brings you a myriad of news sources consolidated into your linkedIn profile. Not just the Pulse section which you can configure to your liking. Yes, you can choose the news you want to see on your homepage by just hovering your mouse over the word PULSE or the square blue PULSE LOGO.

Either one is a hyperlink that will take you to the PULSE home page where you will have three choices, Your news, Top posts, and Discover.

CHANNELS: “Your News” is what you have selected from the various 50 different industries or channels to choose from and the over 230 individual news sources such as the BBC to WIRED. They have news for the sports fan and the video gamers as well.

PUBLISHERS: Once you have the channel selected you can then select which news source or publishers you would like to get your information from. There are over 250 news sources on LinkedIn. From Bloomberg or INC. to Techcrunch or Wired and everything in between.

CONNECTIONS: After checking on the national or international news I check my connections. At the toll bar at the top of your page scroll over connections and the drop down will provide choices. My choice is keeping in touch. When you select “keeping in touch” LinkedIn provides you with news from your connections. Do they have a birthday, did they land a new position, were they mentioned in the news or are they having a work anniversary.

HOMEPAGE: After congratulating my connections and wishing them happy birthday, the next step is to check my home page. What is on the home page is a never ending flow of information about my connections. Who they have connected with, who they endorsed and what companies or groups they have followed or joined. The home page also includes who posted a new publisher blog, or who has a new profile picture. There are so many other things on the home page to follow or comment on.

I chose this feed from my homepage for the story about “No you can’t pick my brain, It costs too much”.
This was an article written in Forbes, shared by one of my connections, from a group I am in.

You can get your news and read it in any order you want on LinkedIn. I know other people that start with the keeping in touch first and then checking the Homepage. Whichever way you choose it’s your news and your profile. Use it to your advantage.

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