Those Annoying LinkedIn Notifications – Get Rid of Them!

You know those notifications you get every time someone you wished Happy Birthday to another connection follows up and also wishes them a happy birthday.

Well I finally found a way to get rid of them. At the toolbar on the top right of your LinkedIn profile is a FLAG that lets you know of a new notification. Click on the flag and there is a dropdown of all the people you have congratulated, wished happy birthday to, or someone published on new post on LinkedIn.

Some of the notifications I have will show 50 or 60 other congratulations. Hover your mouse over the offending notification. On the top right of the note there is a time of the last update. Move your cursor over the time stamp in the upper right hand corner and it will turn into and “X”.

Click on the “X” a pop up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to unsubscribe or cancel it. Click on the blue unsubscribe and the notification will no longer appear on your profile. Then you will receive a message that you will no longer receive updates regarding that particular update. YEAH!!

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