How to Use LinkedIn Contacts and Messaging Notes.

If you are on LinkedIn you have to take advantage of the Contacts system I call it their CRM – Connections Resource management. When used with the LinkedIn messaging it is a great tool to use to stay top of mind with connections and, if you are in job search, in contact with recruiters.

Where are meassages on LinkedIn? They are at the tool bar on the top right side of your home or profile page. Scroll over the envelope and a drop down will appear, you have two choices invitations or messages. Click on the messages link.

Your messages will appear along with a side bar on the right hand side of the page.

The sidebar includes your connections photo, name, title, and an area for notes, so you can note when, where, and how you met. These notes are only visible by you. There is a second button on the sidebar for reminders.

The reminder will let you respond or send a message to the recruiter about a position or to send a note to them about a follow up meeting. The reminder page is produced when you click on the bell in the top right corner of the sidebar. There is also a number at the top far right corner the sidebar which is the number of mutual connections you have with your contact.

Checking your LinkedIn profile for messages should be a twice a day routine. If you are in job search or in business it pays to stay in touch with those you are connected to. You can set the reminder to notify you by email to contact your connection in one day, one week, or one month, to follow up with them.

Take advantage of the system LinkedIn has set up. Most people on LinkedIn don’t know this is available, or they don’t use it. If you are in search make sure you use it, it will a great addition to your job search strategy and keep you on target.

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