Can I block Someone from Viewing My LinkedIn Profile?

As of right now LinkedIn will allow you to block a member from viewing your profile. For whatever reason you can block someone from viewing or stalking of your LinkedIn profile. You cannot however block someone that has anonymously viewed your profile. The blocking, once it is activated is Mutual. If you block a first degree connection LinkedIn will not notify your connection.

Here is a list of what LinkedIn does when you select to block a member

When you block a member on LinkedIn, here’s what will happen:

You won’t be able to access each other’s profiles on LinkedIn
You won’t be able to message each other on LinkedIn
If you’re connected, you won’t be connected anymore
We’ll remove any endorsements and recommendations from that member
You won’t see each other in your “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”
We’ll stop suggesting you to each other in features such as “People You May Know” and “People also Viewed”

So make sure this is what you want to do before you block. Here are more details from LinkedIn.

Please note the following regarding blocking:

Blocking doesn’t apply to information you have made public, such as your public profile, content posted in public (open) group discussions, your own public shares, and comments on Influencer posts. You can always review your public profile settings to change how you appear in public search engines.
Mutual connections that you share with someone you’ve blocked, may re-share content created by the person you’ve blocked into your stream. You can choose to hide these updates from your stream.
There is not a way to block anonymous viewers of your profile at this time.

Blocking isn’t supported between a group member and a group manager.
If you’d like to block a manager of a group you belong to, you will need to leave the group first, and then block that person.

If you’d like to block a member of a group you manage, you will need to remove that member from the group and then block that person.

Contact records that have been stored or saved locally to your device need to be removed manually.
If you’re accessing LinkedIn via a mobile device, you could see cached data regarding the blocked member’s profile. To refresh your cache, login and log out of your LinkedIn mobile applications.
If you’re using 3rd party applications that leverage LinkedIn’s APIs you could see cached data of a blocked member on those applications. If that occurs, you’ll want to contact the application for instructions on removing that cached data.

Blocking doesn’t currently apply to mobile, SlideShare, and Pulse.

I know I have had a lot of people asking me about blocking certain individuals from viewing their profile, now it is possible. Whether it’s a coworker, an ex, or someone stalking your profile you have the ability to prevent them from doing so.

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