Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT Your On-line Resume!!

Job seekers if you use your LinkedIn profile as your on-line resume that is self-defeating. Recruiters and headhunters have already seen your resume that’s why after they Google your name they search your LinkedIn profile.

If your LinkedIn profile mirrors your resume, you are being redundant. Don’t waste that second opportunity to influence a prospective hiring manager by being that lazy that all you do is copy and paste the same information. What a waste!

Your LinkedIn resume should be a marketing tool for your accomplishments that showcases your WIIFT What’s In It For Them. Yes, your profile should explore your Unique Value Position (UVP) that allows you to showcase how you solve problems, relieve pain points, and resolve burning issues for company’s.

If your profile is complete at the All Star level that makes you just average on LinkedIn. Fifty one percent of users have complete profiles and forty nine per cent of users have incomplete profiles.

So for you to stand out you have to add Visual Media, power points, white papers, volunteering, and more. Sourcers and recruiters want to present outstanding profiles, not just average ones. And, you have to have the skills listed, as well as the keywords so you will show up in search results.

Once you add all of the features, the volunteering, the visual media, the presentations, all of the keywords, all of the skills, joining groups, your projects, papers, your profile will now be your PERSONAL DIGITAL REPUTATION!

Don’t be ordinary, be EXTRAordinary.

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